Photographer captures the beauty of traditional Japanese gardens at the Katsura Imperial Villa 【Photos】

When it comes to traditional Japanese landscaping and architecture, the Katsura Imperial Villa (aka Katsura Rikyu) is often referred to as a paramount example of Japanese sophistication and refinement. Located in Kyoto, a city famous for its temples, shrines, and gardens, the unquestionable majesty of the Katsura Imperial Villa manages to wow not only the proud people of Japan but architects and aficionados from across the globe.

One might assume that beauty of this sort can only be appreciated in person, but in 2010 Yasuhiro Ishimoto, a well-recognized photographer and “Man of Cultural Distinction” as designated by the Japanese government, released a photo book which somehow captures both the beauty and the spirit of the space. You’ve got to see to believe the masterpiece that this man captured on film.

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