Mythbuster’s Adam Savage explores Ghost in the Shell’s coolest practical effects【Video】

The Hollywood Ghost in the Shell turned to master prop makers from Weta Workshop to achieve their detailed practical looks.

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These Star Wars inspired dishes allow you to use the light or dark… spectrum of soy sauce

Even a galaxy far, far away needs a dish to dip their fish in.

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Add some Japanese architecture to your dinner table with beautiful pagoda dinnerware sets

One of Kyoto’s most famous landmarks has been recreated in Hasami-yaki porcelain.

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Unique soy sauce cruet saucer creates beautiful liquid art right on your dining table!

Who would have thought that the simple act of pouring soy sauce could create an artistic image?

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Gorgeous Paul Gerber/Arita-yaki pottery watches will catch eyes, leave you seriously broke

The famed Swiss watch maker teams with centuries-old traditional arita-yaki potter Koransha to produce this limited line of stunning handcrafted watches.

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Anime meets traditional Japanese porcelain in this beautiful Gundam themed Kutani ware!

Kutani porcelain ware, which has its origins in Ishikawa Prefecture in central Japan, is a craft with a history of nearly four centuries. In recent years, we’ve seen makers of the traditional ware produce more modern and pop looking items in efforts to broaden their appeal to the public, with some beautiful results.

Now, we have another example of Kutani ware with a modern twist and it comes from a someway unexpected source — toy maker Bandai. Yes, in a brilliant case of pop culture meeting traditional craft, Bandai will be coming out with a line of Gundam Kutani ware!

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