pot stickers

Japan now has “Gyoza for Athletes”, thanks to figure skating Olympian Yuzuru Hanyu 【Taste test】

Gyoza suppliers to the Tokyo Olympics create a cheat meal that’s no longer a cheat meal.

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Michelin Guide gyoza in Tokyo: Worthy of the accolade?

We put these internationally lauded dumplings to the test.

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Move over, garlic gyoza — it’s time to try squid ink, habanero, seaweed, and taco dumplings

We play Russian Roulette with some surprising flavours.

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Croissant gyoza: Pie-like dumplings take Japan by storm

This gyoza with a flaky croissant crust is so sought after it took a year for our order to arrive.

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New unstaffed gyoza store in Tokyo sells pot stickers 24 hours a day

We go on a post-midnight gyoza run to a shop with no staff — all part of our new normal in Japan.

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Making gyoza is a literal snap with this awesome Japanese kitchen gadget

A cheap and easy way to make one of Japan’s favorite inexpensive comfort foods.

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Gold leaf-covered giant gyoza dumpling now on sale to bring you a bit of luck!

This glittering culinary creation is designed to bring luck to purchasers of Japan’s Dream Jumbo Lottery tickets!

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Dollhouse dumplings! Are these the world’s tiniest gyoza?【Video】

Every area in Japan has its own local delicacies. As a long-time resident of Shizuoka Prefecture, I can tell you one of the best things my area has to offer is Hamamatsu-style gyoza, or pot stickers.

You can find all kinds of places offering up this delicious dish inside or outside the prefecture, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen it get a miniature makeover. How do these tiny dumplings measure up to the real thing? Let’s find out!

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How to cook pot stickers in just three seconds: Lots of garlic, lots of craziness 【Video】

I love gyoza, the pork and garlic-packed dumplings that you can find in diners, ramen joints, and grocery stores across Japan. Seriously, when the Japan Gyoza Association released an ad that was just a dude running around with a delirious grin saying, “Aha! Gyoza! Ahaha!” it seemed, to me, like the most natural reaction in the world to the little wrapped bits of deliciousness.

Really, the only complaint I have about gyoza is that I don’t have a freshly cooked batch in front of me right now. With a solution to that problem, here’s a video of how to make gyoza in just three seconds, without using a microwave.

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