Design company to hold socially distanced night saunas where you can gaze at Tokyo Tower

Watch out, though: only a maximum of 84 people can take part in this luxury weekend activity.

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Japan’s first Finnish-style sauna facility with private rooms opens in Tokyo

Avoid the big city crowds and carve out a moment for yourself in your own private sauna. 

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Tokyo spas offer limited-time Gudetama and Kero Kero Keroppi baths and goodies【Photos】

Want to get your soak on with a lazy egg or with a frog?

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Massive hot spring theme park coming to Osaka Bay Hotel, a dream come true for onsen lovers

Customers get to enjoy four floors of steamy hot baths, exquisite restaurants, and fun activities right in the heart of Osaka.

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The biggest “natural” hot spring spa in Tokyo is being built now, but what is its “secret?”

Do you love hot springs and spas? How about Tokyo? If so, we have good news for you! A new onsen (hot spring) spa, the largest in Tokyo, is currently under construction right here in beautiful Shinjuku! Even better, it’s set to open at the end of July.

We were so excited about this ginormous new relaxation spot, we sent a writer to check out the new spa, called Thermae-yu, to see how it’s looking these days. Along the way we learned a certain secret that’s not actually a secret, but may disappoint die-hard onsen fans.

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Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa is offering special ninja training and recognition for your children!

Hilton’s Odawara Resort & Spa, tucked away in Kanagawa Prefecture’s southwestern Odawara City, is offering something that you and your children simply can’t refuse: the opportunity for them to participate in special ninja training during your brief stay at the hotel!

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