off the beaten path

Escape the Kyoto crowds at these lesser-known spots in Arashiyama

Find your zen at these special hideaways.

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Travel off the beaten path in Japan, to the point where three prefectures meet

Visit this unusual site and you can say you’ve been to three prefectures in a day.

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This unstaffed Japanese train station is like a Ghibli anime come to life

Little-known gem has one of the most beautiful views in Japan.

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Travel off the beaten path to a secret spot in Japan where bamboo grows wild on an old train line

Like the bamboo grove in Kyoto, but with less tourists and more beauty. 

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Drive your car on an airport runway at this secret spot in Japan

The sign above reads: “No entry during takeoff and landing.

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We try the heavenly bread at Tommy’s on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa

Between the breathtaking beach and the bread, we almost died and went to heaven while dining on these divine buns from a favorite spot of the locals.

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This mysterious tunnel in Japan is like none you’ve ever seen before

A road that isn’t wide enough for cars and a dark, secret chamber are just some of the surprises at this off-the-beaten path destination.

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We experience what a real Okinawan beach party is like with the help of a local

The party was a far cry from what our reporter had envisioned, but it was just as satisfying in its own way.

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We visit the “Naples of Japan”, a secret destination tourists don’t know about yet

Enjoy the charm of a Mediterannean-style port town without leaving Japan

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7 incredible Japanese destinations that tourists haven’t discovered yet

Japan is often known by tourists for its most popular attractions, like Mount Fuji, the cities of Tokyo and Kyoto, and its amazing shrines and temples.

But there’s a lot more to the island nation than that.

We took a look at a Quora thread that asked, “what are some of Japan’s best kept secrets,” and rounded up some places that might not be in all the guidebooks, but are definitely worth a visit.

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Noto Peninsula shows us how to keep warm during the Japanese winter 【Photos】

I recently had the opportunity to travel to the Noto Peninsula, an outcrop that sticks out from Japan’s main island of Honshu into the Sea of Japan. The area relies heavily on fishing and agriculture, and is famous for its delicious seafood and beautiful scenery.

Noto’s not so popular as a tourist destination in winter, but I went along on a trip to see what the place has to offer when it’s coooold outside. As it turns out, Noto out of season is about as chilly as I’d expected. But it was also very cool.

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Nikko beyond Toshogu: What to see once you’ve seen it all

The city of Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture, home to the impressive Toshogu Shrine and its famous evil-averse monkeys, is a popular choice for day trips from Tokyo, what with its World Heritage sites and easy train connections. But if all you’re doing is popping in for an afternoon of temple hopping, you are missing out on a lot of what Nikko has to offer. Take our advice and take a couple of days to check out what everybody else is missing.

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