Starbucks Japan

Starbucks Japan unveils new Halloween Witch and Halloween Princess Frappuccino

Duo of decadent drinks come with a limited-time Twitter offer and matching Halloween doughnuts.

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Starbucks Japan unveils its newest combo deal: three puddings, one cooler bag!

Buy the “Pudding-and-Bag” set and choose three tasty puddings, plus receive a re-usable storage bag to keep them nice and cool.

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Starbucks opens up new coffeehouse in traditional Japanese building near Tokyo

Now you can enjoy your coffee with a side of Edo-style charm in this old castle town.

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We try the new sakura Frappuccino from Starbucks Japan【SoraNews24 Taste Test】

The new limited-edition beverage takes its inspiration from a traditional Japanese springtime confection.

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Starbucks sakura Frappuccino and hot drinks unveiled for 2018 cherry blossom season in Japan

For the first time ever, Starbucks even has a cherry blossom tea in their sakura collection.
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Starbucks now has a Lemon Zest Macchiato, limited for sale at only nine locations in Japan

We try the new citrus-infused coffee that comes served in a set with chocolates and warm lemon milk.

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【Lucky Bag Roundup 2018】Starbucks Japan lucky bag only available to lottery winners this year

Take a look inside one of Japan’s most exclusive fukubukuro.

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Starbucks Japan announces its second round of festive holiday drinks, coming soon

‘Tis that time of year, for red and green Christmassy cheer!

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Starbucks opens at historic Japanese sites: Miyajima and the onsen that inspired Spirited Away

The global coffeehouse chain has two stunning stores planned for these world-famous tourist spots.

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Fancy a stylish Starbucks picnic sheet to go along with your order? You can get one free in Japan

Coffee house is giving out cool freebie if you order a drink and a sandwich.

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We try Starbucks Japan’s new American Cherry Pie Frappuccino

For the first time ever, the Frappuccino now comes with a domed pie crust lid, and it’s one of many reasons we’re in love with this new release.

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Starbucks Japan brings out new American Cherry Pie Frappuccino

The amazing new beverage is set to provide customers with a whole new drinking experience.

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Starbucks Japan now has matcha pudding on the menu

People around the country are falling in love with the exciting new release.

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We try the new Sunshine Mandarin Mango Tea Frappuccino from Starbucks Japan

Fruit, tea and coconut milk is a winning combination.

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Would You Wait in Line for 7 Hours at Starbucks?  These People Did and They Didn’t Even Buy Coffee

The grand opening of Aomori prefecture’s first Starbucks location in the Hachinohe area drew quite a crowd.  On September 14, 2012,  around 100 people waited in line on the first business day of Starbuck Coffee Hachinohe Tamukai.

The store’s interior is typical of most Starbucks locations: big windows let in natural light from outside, funky lamps hang from the ceiling, and wood grain paneling adorns the ceiling and counters.  The store is around 1,700 square feet with enough seating for 55 people inside and another 16 on the terrace.  There’s even a drive-thru for those who want coffee on the go.

But Starbucks-goers didn’t get all riled up over a mediocre cup of coffee.  Oh no, they had their eyes on something even better:  Read More

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