Awesome Japanese elementary school teacher rewards kids who use independent learning on his tests

Learned everything covered in class? You get 100 percent. Learned more than what was covered in class? Then you get a bonus.

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Flexible teachers DO exist in Japan: First-grader gets full credit for “wrong” math test answers

There are no wrong answers, as long as you’ve got the right question.

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P.E. advice from an old teacher has Japanese Twitter saying nice things about exercise for once

If you naturally flee from physical activity, maybe you just have to focus on when you get faster at it.
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Japanese teacher gives secret love letter to junior high schoolgirl, gets his heart broken

30-something educator should really be old enough to know his love confession was immature and inappropriate.

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Japanese teacher has student make written apology for farting in class, displays it in classroom

Attempt at discipline feels especially misguided when you learn the type of school he worked at.

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Board of education suspends Japanese teacher who stockpiled 750 pairs of panties at school

High school educator might sound like a pantie thief, but it turns out he was actually a wannabe pantie merchant.

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Teacher says Japanese schools’ mandatory extracurricular activity rules don’t benefit students

Exasperated educator takes workplace survey and is depressed by rationale for forcing students to join after-school programs.

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Japanese teacher wakes up sleepy students by whipping out realistic model pistol in classroom

Grabbing the attention of young minds with the implied power of hot lead.

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Japanese elementary school teacher gets drunk, visits student’s house and beats him with stick

The teacher used a drumstick from a drumming video game during the assault.

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Awesome Japanese teacher creates Studio Ghibli chalkboard art to celebrate students’ graduation

Annual tradition is more beautiful than ever this year.

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Kyoto Board of Education administers English test for teachers with disheartening results

Were the expectations for Japanese English teachers to high…two high…too high?
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Fukushima teacher threatens students with “Death Note”

Teacher reprimanded, school apologizes to families.

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Japanese teacher simply asks to be treated like a human being

Because working 16-hour days, every day with no overtime pay, does seem a bit much.

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What’s the difference between a “good” otaku and a “bad” otaku?

The word otaku has a long and complicated history in Japan. Originally, it was strictly a pejorative, a label used to mark those with an unhealthily intense interest in anime and other bits of minutiae-heavy hobbies. But while there are many who still use the word in that scathing sense, “otaku” has slowly built up another image as a badge of pride worn by those with a strong and enduring passion for the specific niches of art or technology that appeal to them.

That means that Japanese society, for arguably the first time, is starting to accept that being an otaku can be either a positive or a negative force in a person’ life. But what’s the difference between a good otaku and a bad otaku? One Japanese educator has an answer.

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Meet the unforgettable teachers at quite possibly the coolest cram school ever

You’ve probably heard stories about the horrors of Japanese juku, otherwise known as cram schools, where children go after an already grueling day at regular school to receive even more academic instruction in specific subject areas. Most students attend these costly schools in the hopes of gaining even a few extra points on their high school or university entrance examinations, whether it’s by their own volition or because they’re being forced to go by their parents. So unless you’re someone who genuinely enjoys the process of studying, you can see why just the thought of juku conjures up dread in so many Japanese students.

Determined to dispel the image of cram schools as torture chambers for weary students who would much rather be watching TV or playing video games in the evening, one such juku has decided to take a completely different approach in the way that it attracts students to its classes. And after seeing the following pictures, you might just be convinced to go back to class yourself!

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Monster parents evolve: The unbelievable demands and complaints made by parents in Japan

‘Monster parents’ aren’t anything new in Japan–the complaints by and about overbearing, demanding mothers and fathers have been on the increase for nearly a decade. But thanks to a report by the FujiTV program Nonstop, the issue has catapulted squarely back into the public conscious.

The show posted some of the crazier complaints allegedly made by these loudmouthed parents to schools and their kids’ teachers, sparking angry and bewildered comments online. We’ve collected some of the best (worst?) below.

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Is Japan overworking its teachers? One exhausted educator says, “YES!”

Japan has a reputation for overworking its employees, though it’s hardly the only country! But when it comes to education, you’d expect Japanese teachers, whose students often score among the top in the world on standardized tests, to be solely focused on their classroom materials. But you might be wrong!

One public middle school teacher has recently gotten a ton of attention online for a blog post about her impossible-to-manage duties as a “club leader” and her desire to actually change occupations due to the intense schedule. Read about her experience and the intense reactions below.

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‘Smell my spit!’ and other Japanese teachers’ corporal punishments

It goes without saying that corporal punishment is unforgivable. At least that’s the mode of thinking these days (and boy are we glad for it), but it wasn’t always the case. In the Showa Period (1926 to 1989), it was incredibly common in elementary, middle, and high schools. In fact, it was so common that it seemed almost inconceivable for a school not to have corporal punishment.

Still, we wondered what it was really like, so the prestigious RocketNews24 Japan team took a survey to find out what sorts of punishments were common in the Showa Period. Read More

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