TripAdvisor Japan announces the country’s 10 favorite shrines and temples

This shortlist was chosen by Japanese locals, but tourists from all countries can benefit from it!
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The 10 best Japanese hot spring resorts locals want to go back to again and again

These onsen town trips are so good they deserve an encore!

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New cat hotel in Japan lets you watch kitties right outside your window for entire stay【Pics】

Forget ocean views. “Cat view” is the best kind of hotel room.

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This crazy tower in a Japanese park promises a message form aliens, so we went to get one【Travel】

Will our UFO-chasing reporter finally get the answers he’s been looking for since the alien encounter he says he had in high school?

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Michelin Guide-recommended delights await inside this spooky looking old house in Oita Prefecture

We track down a famously exquisite but elusive restaurant in rural Japan.

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Brand-new Pokémon manhole covers coming to Japan’s snowy Hokkaido Prefecture!

Pokéfuta spread to the northernmost region of Japan with adorable appearances by Vulpix, Ninetails, and many more Pokémon!

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Japanese train history plays out like a sliding doors rom com in 100 Years Train ad 【Video】

Tear-jerking commercial features a famous actor and actress in the lead roles of star-crossed lovers.

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Japanese hotel that hosted last four emperors offering rooms for fraction of their regular price

The Nara Hotel offers royal-class hospitality, but right now you won’t have to pay a king’s ransom to experience it.

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We visit the “Island of the Great Gods” in Okinawa, soak in spectacularly stunning scenery

Our reporter leaves convinced that Ogami Island is the hidden home of countless gods. 

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Japan Travel: Exploring Manabeshima cat island

A travel destination packed with cats, not tourists. 

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Japan Travel: Explore a mysterious hidden octagonal tunnel in the mountains of Kyushu

Come with us as we take you off the beaten path to a spot tourists are yet to discover.

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New visual unveiled for Universal Studios Japan’s Nintendo World shows a pixel-perfect panorama

Look forward to real-life takes on Peach and Bowser’s castles, Mario Kart themed attractions and more!
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Are Japanese B-Stylers racist? Jim Jeffries investigates cultural appropriation in Japan 【Video】

Where do you draw the line between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation?

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Kyoto yakitori restaurant earns Michelin rating with one of the best value-for-money deals in Japan

Kyoto Yakitori Kazu offers fine dining on a budget.

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Japan’s cheapest hotel charges just 130 yen (US$1.20) for a room, with a huge, no-privacy catch

Even if you’re traveling by yourself, you’ll never be alone since you’re on a 24-hour live stream.

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One last visit to Japan’s craziest, scariest video game arcade: Warehouse Kawasaki【Photos】

The legendary arcade is closing down for good, but there’s still time to see this awesome piece of history for yourself.

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Post-meal waste at Japanese sushi restaurant sparks controversy online

A lesson in what not to do at a revolving sushi joint in Japan.

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Fire breaks out near Japan’s Shirakawa-go World Heritage site【Videos】

Hidden sprinkler defense system activates to help protect beautiful traditional thatched-roof farmhouses.

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Manga cafe with 24-hour, all-you-can-eat food might be cheapest place to stay (or live) in Japan

Food, shelter, shower, and laundry. Everything you need, and for just 2,140 yen (US$19.80) a day.

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ANA to offer Japan domestic air pass with multiple flights and unlimited accommodations provided

Skipping the Shinkansen lets you spend as many nights as you want in off-the-beaten-path Japan.

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