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Now, we’re sure that kids (and adults too for that matter) are perfectly happy to have tasty doughnuts even without the promise of a bonus toy. But this summer, Mister Donut Japan has made sure that kids have an extra incentive to visit the doughnut chain —  in the form of original toys featuring the internationally popular rabbit character Miffy! Yes, starting this week while supplies last, Mister Donut is offering two types of adorable Miffy donut toys as a bonus item that comes with a Kid’s Set. The only catch is, well, it’s a Kid’s Set, so you have to be a kid to order one …

The two toys, which are called “Uki Uki Miffy“, which roughly translates to “Happy Happy Miffy“, are both 5 cm (approx. 2 in) tall with a 5 cm by 5 cm base in the shape of a doughnut.

▼Here’s the Uki Uki Miffy Pon de Ring, which features Miffy in a blue dress siting atop Mister Donut’s chewy and distinctly shaped Pon de Ring doughnut.

▼And this is the Uki Uki Miffy Old-Fashioned with Miffy sitting on an old-fashioned doughnut in a yellow dress. プリント

Aren’t both toys darling? And the exciting part is that they both come with spring-powered wheels so that you can propel them forward by dragging the wheels backwards. Kids will no doubt get a kick out of seeing Miffy take a ride on the doughnuts!

There are two types of Kid’s Sets you can choose from, the “Kid’s Snack Set” (Kids Oyatsu Set) which comes with a kid-sized drink, two doughnuts (or pie) of your choice and one gift toy for 370 yen (US$3.58), and the “Kid’s Noodle Soup Set” (Kids Shiru-soba Set) that comes with a kid-sized drink, a bowl of soup noodles, one doughnut and one gift toy for a price of 450 yen ($4.36) .

▼This image showing the Kid’s Snack Set and the Kid’s Noodle Soup should give you a visual idea of what the set consists of.
miffy set

As cute as Miffy is, if rabbits just aren’t your thing, you can choose your Kid’s Set bonus gift item from 13 other toys and figures, including some that feature characters like Hello Kitty and Ultraman, so hopefully there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.

Unfortunately, the Kid’s Set is only for children in grade school or younger, which basically means that only children 12 years old or younger can order the set — which really is too bad, because the set looks like quite a good deal. Well, that doesn’t stop us from admiring the photos of Miffy on doughnut wheels, and squealing, “Kawaii!!”, because in our opinion, combining something sweet with something cute is always a winning idea!

Source and photos: PR Times press release (Japanese) and Mister Donut website (Japanese)