A whole new meaning for “Pokémon brilliant diamond.”

If you hear something described as “diamond-shaped” it usually brings up a mental image of a pentagon with the two longest sides meeting at a point at the bottom. But in the world of jewelry, diamonds come in a wide variety of different shapes, or cuts, to use the technical term, and they have a lot more than five sides.

For example, a diamond with a round brilliant cut has 58 different facets (sides), all the better to catch the light from different angles and make the stone sparkle.

The diamond seen here, though, isn’t a round brilliant cut. We’ll save you the trouble of counting – there are a whopping 143 facets to this gemstone, roughly two and a half times as many as a round brilliant

So what do you call this kind of gem? Well, once you see it from its most impressive angle, it’s pretty obvious: a Poké Ball Diamond.

▼ Or a Monster Ball Diamond, if you’re using the terminology from the Japanese-language versions of the Pokémon anime/video games.

▼ A diagram of the cut pattern

In addition to its appropriate name, the Poké Ball Diamond has an appropriate source: U-Treasure. The Japanese jeweler combines high-level craftsmanship and luxurious materials with an appreciation of anime and video game character art, and they’ve released more than a few beautiful Pokémon accessories featuring not just adorable face of the franchise Pikachu, but also Eevee, Magikarp, and Gengar, to name just a handful.

▼ A Pikachu engagement ring fitted with a Poké Ball Diamond

Prices vary by the exact stone, and are dependent on factors such as size, color, and clarity. Poké Ball Diamond are available for all of U-Treasure’s current Pokémon engagement ring lineup, which can be ordered through their online store, as well as for engagement rings from their custom-order Moot service. And yes, you can still have it placed inside a full-scale Poké Ball ring case.

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Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: YouTube/U-TREASURE, U-Treasure
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