Limited-edition French fry burger takes meatless options to new levels.  

In the lead-up to April Fools’ Day, Burger King fooled its customers in Japan by announcing it would be releasing The Fake Burger on 1 April, and while we thought it might be a joke, the chain actually delivered on the claim, which turned out to be the greatest prank of all.

This is the second time for The Fake Burger to appear on the menu in Japan, having made its debut in October 2020, after being shrouded in a similar sense of mystery. This time, the burger has evolved, containing more flavour than before, and we were one of the first in line to order it when it was released, purchasing it for 390 yen (US$2.58).

▼ The burger can only be purchased on its own and not as part of a set, so we added our fries and drink separately on the side.

Having been impressed by the original burger, which paired the French fry filling with meat sauce, we had high expectations for this one, which adds a smoky Bull’s-Eye BBQ sauce and two slices of Gouda cheese to the fries.

▼ In hindsight, we didn’t really need to order more fries on the side, but overindulging is kind of our thing.

Peeling the wrapper off our burger, we couldn’t help but smile when we saw it looked just as decadent as it did in the promo posters for it.

▼ A seriously tasty looking meatless burger.

With nothing but potatoes, cheese and BBQ sauce inside, this was a simple burger, but when we sank our teeth into its soft layers, it was absolutely delicious.

The BBQ sauce turned out to be the star of the show, with the fries acting as a delicious vehicle to help its smoky notes spread over the palate. The cheese was stronger than usual, melding with the saucy fries for added moreishness, and every mouthful was so soft and delicious that we didn’t miss the flame-grilled patty at all.

The taste was amazing, and as far as burgers go, we’d say this one belongs in the “extremely delicious” category. That’s a high accolade for a burger that contains so few ingredients, so be sure to get in quick to try one while they’re available, which is sadly only while stocks last.

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