Tokyo losing landmark bookstore, giant bookmark created to mark its place【Photos】

Special displays, sales, and even book fortunes commemorate Sanseido moving on to its next chapter. 

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Ramen chain Menya Musashi teams up with Lotte chocolate for unique Valentine’s Day dish

A mazesoba-inspired menu item full of hints of chocolate and pungent spices!

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How a samurai’s quest for revenge created one of Tokyo’s best cafes, and it’s still open

Not far from Akihabara you’ll find Amanoya, but it wouldn’t be there if not for an assassination.

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Tokyo restaurant doesn’t tell you its name unless you ask, makes us appreciate life’s surprises

Not far from Akihabara, there’s a soba spot that gave us food to eat and food for thought.

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Akihabara’s otaku shrine celebrates PlayStation 5 launch with ethereal one-night event

The PS5 is welcomed into the world at a Japanese shrine with a long history of protecting electronics.

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Behold Japan’s, and possibly the world’s, saddest public playground

We’re not sure what they were thinking when they made this.

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Who needs fast food? Tokyo restaurant has awesome cutlet lunch sets for less than five bucks

Given Tokyo’s reputation as one of the most expensive cities on the planet, you might think that dining out in Japan’s capital requires either a large fistful of yen or the fortitude to put up with a growling stomach after an undersized meal that leaves you only half-full. That’s not always the case, though, and it’s not like budget dining restricts your options to Yoshinoya or 7-Eleven, either.

We recently found a restaurant right in the heart of Tokyo that has filling, delicious lunches that are so cheap, we sort of felt guilty eating there.

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The most crowded place in Tokyo? Might be the Kanda Matsuri festival, but it’s still awesome

Even in a city as packed with people as Tokyo, some places, and times, are more crowded than others. So when and where can you find the largest, densest mass of humanity? Some would say the Yamanote loop line during the morning rush hour. Others would vote for Shibuya’s scramble crosswalk intersection on a Saturday night.

But before you go awarding the crown to either of those two candidates, take a look at the massive crowds that came out for the Kanda Matsuri festival last weekend.

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