Shibuya City Office serves up insanely cheap soba noodles, but are they any good?

Seiji checks out the soba scene where government workers and the public can indulge in a bowl of buckwheat noodles for a very reasonable price.

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Check if you have a soba allergy with these amazing ukiyoe-print temporary tattoos!

Finding out you can’t eat soba stinks — but at least this is the coolest way to get bad news!

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Pretty White Soba Flowers Making Fukui Locals Want to Vomit

For those of us living in cities, the idea of moving away to a country home surrounded by vast meadows of these pretty white autumn flowers sounds nice doesn’t it? However, this year, in Fukui Prefecture, where crops of thousands of these soba (buckwheat) flowers are grown, residents are perplexed that all these little blossoms literally smell like an ocean of sh*t.

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