Melon bread…with meat? A crazy new twist on one of Japan’s favorite baked goods【Taste test】

Melon bread is good. Chashu is good. So melon bread with chashu is…

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Mighty, meaty Tokyo ramen joint flips script by overflowing the bowl with delicious chashu pork

Delicious noodles and broth take up supporting roles as MEAT becomes the star of the show.

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Want more meat on your ramen? This restaurant has got you covered

This Hokkaido ramen joint’s chashu is extremely tasty, so it’s a good thing they give you a ton of it.

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This is what ramen with 100 slices of chashu roast pork looks like

Earlier this month, we decided to find out just how many hard-boiled eggs you can fit into a bowl of ramen/human stomach, and found out that 10 was a doable and delicious number. But while an egg is a nice accent to a bowl of Japan’s favorite kind of noodles, the king of ramen toppings is chashu, the slice of roast pork that adds some heft and protein to the meal.

Most ramen in Japan comes with a solitary slice of chashu, but some places allow you to pile on more pork. Since we’d already gone with ten times the normal amount of toppings with eggs, we decided to raise the scale to the second power and chow down on a bowl of ramen with 100 slices of chashu.

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