Menya Musashi

Tokyo police stopped us for random questioning, so we asked them to recommend a good restaurant

They wanted to know what we were doing in Ueno. We wanted to know where to eat lunch.

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Tokyo’s new chocolate ramen smothers us with attentive affection for Valentine’s Day【Taste test】

Chocolate and matcha green tea aren’t even half of the surprises here.

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Menya Musashi’s shaved ice ramen is the perfect dish to beat the Tokyo summer heat【Taste Test】

Because ramen doesn’t always have to be steaming hot.

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Pizza Hut creates Putting our Soul into Every Bite Ramen Pizza with famous Japanese ramen chain

Bizarrely tempting pie isn’t for Japan, though.

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Japanese ramen restaurant chain brings out noodles with cola dipping sauce for a limited time

Why drink cola with your noodles when you can eat it instead? 

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Tokyo restaurant serves tapioca bubble tea ramen – Is it crazy good, or just crazy?【Taste test】

Japan’s boba obsession heads into the world of ramen, but is it worth eating? We find out.

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Celebrate Valentine’s with Menya Musashi’s truffle-infused chocolate ramen【SoraNews24 Taste Test】

Tokyo ramen chain Menya Musashi’s chocolate ramen is back for Valentine’s, this time with roast duck and truffles for a savory and sweet noodle experience!

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Chocolate ramen is back again at Tokyo restaurants for Valentine’s Day 2017, and we’ve tried it

Limited-time tsukemen-style ramen lets you enjoy chocolate three different ways.

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Ramen with strawberry sauce and white chocolate in Tokyo? Oh, yes, please! 【Taste test】

We try Tokyo ramen chain Menya Mushashi’s latest mix of ramen and dessert.

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Since chocolate ramen was so good, we went back for … strawberry ramen! 【Taste Test】

Readers who saw our story about the chocolate ramen we tried last month were probably able to tell that we were quite impressed with the unusual noodle creation. So when we heard that the very same ramen shop Menya Musashi had come out with yet another singular ramen dish, you can bet our interest was piqued. This time, the ramen involved fruit — yes, we were ready to make another visit to their shop in Shinjuku to try their … strawberry ramen!

But do berries and ramen mix well? We were about to find out!

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What’s next after green tea ramen? Why, chocolate ramen, of course! 【Taste Test】

Ramen, understandably, is one of the Japanese foods that foreign visitors (and locals too, for that matter) find hugely appealing, and there’s certainly no shortage of ramen shops or unique ramen flavors to be tried in Japan. Now, you may recall that back in November last year, we brought you news of the very interesting matcha green tea ramen from Menya Musashi. Well, this month, it looked like it was time to make a repeat visit to Menya Musashi, to have some… chocolate ramen!

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day week and everything is chocolate themed in Japan at the moment, so why not ramen too, right? We definitely weren’t about to miss this dish that combined two of our favorite foods!

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Green tea ramen? Of course we had to give it a try!【Taste Test】

There’s no denying that we love our ramen here in Japan. The dish is so well-loved, in fact, that it can be called one of the national comfort foods of Japan, and one of the factors that make ramen so intriguing is the fact that there are so many variations of it across Japan, from the miso-based ramen of Hokkaido in the north to the pork-stock based tonkotsu ramen of Kyushu in the south.

Surrounded as we are by all the different ramens served at countless shops throughout the country, it’s rare that we see a ramen that surprises us with its originality, but when we heard about a ramen with a soup containing stock made from green tea — and expensive gyokuro tea at that —  we have to say we were positively fascinated, and we knew we had to try it ourselves. Green tea ramen, here we come!

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