Japan’s first-ever micro pig cafe opens in Tokyo 【Pics & Video】

We visit the new cafe that aims to change people’s perception about pigs as livestock and promote them as beloved animals instead.

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Over a dozen pigs occupy part of the Osaka expressway following delivery truck accident【Video】

Non-porcine traffic forced to use the slow lane.

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Cuddly arts and craft projects taken to a monstrous, muscular new level【Photos】

Japan has been turning cute, cuddly animals into terrifying monsters since…always.

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Some of the passengers on China’s rural railways are literally pigs

Passengers may gripe that Chinese railway staff members can be less than friendly, but providing service with a smile can be a little difficult when some riders are literally pigs.

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Pig-shaped chocolates: The perfect candy to pig out on this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day coming soon, and Japan valuing presentation almost as much as flavor when it comes to food, chocolate-lovers are always on the lookout for sweets that are as eye-catching as they are delicious. Sometimes, confectioners’ quest for a new look takes them to bold and intriguing new places. Others though, such as this chocolate heart that looks more like the kind you’d see in a cardiology journal than on a Valentine’s card, aren’t quite so appealing.

So if you’d like your chocolates to look not just unique, but also appetizing (or at least like something people regularly eat), maybe these chocolate pigs from Tokyo candy maker tutto bene are just what you’re looking for.

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