Virtual date DVD features real crab and tons of creepiness

At least once a week, it seems as if a story breaks and sets off every Japanese commenter with a keyboard, leading them to bemoan the fall of their once proud nation. It could be anything from freezer divers to Pokémon cheaters that gets people going, but most of us usually just shake our heads and move along.

This time, though, they might be on to something. The release of a new choose-your-own-adventure-style “dating sim” DVD has left us utterly bewildered.

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North Korean broadcast keeps it creepy with doll-like kids playing giant guitars 【Video】

Okay, so technically the guitars are regular-sized and it’s the kids who are the small ones, but there’s something strangely creepy about this whole video, from the kids’ synchronised smiles and nods to the boys’ weird hairstyles and the fact that some of them look more like little old men than children.

Join us after the jump for the full video.

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Fan of recent swimming anime, Free!, finds clever way to crawl into bed with the characters

September 26 of this year marked the end of the series finale of the popular swimming anime, Free!, though fans of the series remain highly active on the Internet and at doujinshi (fan comic) events.

Recently, there’s been a real flurry of excitement within the Free! fandom on Asian blogs and online gossip columns over one fan’s genius idea to get the series’ token sweetheart to lie between her sheets. Because who wouldn’t want to sleep next to such beautiful 2-D biceps, right?

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Living Wallet: The high-tech/creepy solution to your money spending problems

We understand it’s hard to save money. With so many cool Gundam theme cakes and Sailor Moon accessories around, who wouldn’t be trying to empty their coin purses and pocketbooks to exchange their hard earned cash for awesome novelty goods. Sometimes, our spending gets a little out of control and we have to save a little, employing various tactics to try and see an increase in the bank account.

But what if your wallet started inching away, undulating like some sort of deranged caterpillar in hopes you forgo your next splurge. And what if you ignored the weirdness of the movement, picked up said wallet, and it started screaming at you? No, we’re not making this up. One company in Japan hopes to curb your spending with a “living wallet.”

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Creepiest mall ever? Visiting Shiga Prefecture’s (almost) empty Pieri Moriyama

While you may not think of malls when Japan comes up, there certainly are a lot of them. Odaiba in Tokyo is probably the most famous place in the country for shopping malls, though nearly every prefecture has at least one.

Shiga Prefecture is no exception and Biwako Cruising Mall, Pieri Moriyama, located on the shores of beautiful Lake Biwa is a mammoth mall with a grand opening in 2008 that saw 30,000 visitors on the first day. Packed with 200 shops and a ten-screen cineplex, it was a veritable shrine to consumerism for a couple of years.

However, Pieri Moriyama is now known for a different reason…

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All the things have eyes! Japanese netizens react to nature with hilarious, massive peepers

The hills aren’t the only things that have eyes anymore! Recently, a Japanese forum discovered the “HAVING A FACE” pictures of Lucas Zanotto and instantly fell in love with the creepily cute photos.

Here’s some of the best photos and comments. We promise these will bring a little ray of sunshine into your Monday!

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“Customers also bought…”: Product searches for rope on Amazon JP yield creepy results

A friend of mine once shared an image with me of the product recommendations section from, which showed a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 paired with a bulk pack of adult daipers. Apart from shut-ins who would rather soil themselves than leave their military-based shooter and go to the bathroom, it’s hard to imagine why Amazon’s super computers would suggest that the two products were a perfect match.

An equally odd product pairing appearing on Amazon JP caught the attention of Japanese netizens earlier today, but rather than giving them a good chuckle it has quite freaked them out.

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PreCure giant-headed doll effortlessly delivers your daily dose of WTF!?

Children’s shows are generally the weirdest things you can find on TV. We don’t really know why, though our assumption is that the writers and illustrators come up with ideas by pointing at random words in the dictionary. Either way, it seems that the weirder a show is, the more fans they have, and that means more toys! Which, of course, is scary for parents and their ever-shrinking wallets.

But sometimes those toys are enough to scare kids too…

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Battery-saving app creeps us out, probably doesn’t save your battery life

The smartphone is perhaps one of the neatest inventions we have. They allow unprecedented access and communicative abilities—until the #$%& battery dies! What good is a five-inch screen with a quadcore processor and more gigs of ram than my last laptop if the battery is dead by noon? This has led to numerous power-saving methods, external batteries, and, of course, apps claiming to extend battery life. Today, we discovered one app that does a little more than just extend your battery life, it also creeps you out and makes you feel like a terrible pervert! Yah!

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Someone Call an Exorcist! We Have a Serious Case of Demon Bread Here!

I’m sure there are many of you who like to bake your own bread. (I, unfortunately, lack the culinary skills to do so and have to resort to store-bought goods.) But bread doesn’t always turn out the way you intended, does it? It certainly didn’t when Twitter user korpi baked a batch of what was supposed to be harmless, wholesome cheese bread, and the pictures she shared on her account have apparently caught the attention of Japanese Internet users — with their shock value. But what could be so alarming about some pieces of bread? Read More

Highly Suggestive Cow Milking Game Appears on Japanese Google Play Store

Love cows? Young girls in plaid skirts and chest-hugging blouses rhythmically massaging teats? If the answer’s yes then this worrying new game for Android OS might be for you.

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Aichi Prefecture City’s New Mascot Character Scares Local Children, Haunts Your Dreams

As we’ve seen before, Japan is no stranger to weird and wonderful mascots. Showing up at festivals and parades, these bouncy fellows wave at townspeople and visitors as if their lives depended on it, posing for photos and receiving hugs from excited children and young women endlessly shout kawaiiiii (cuuuuute!) at the top of their lungs. Usually, these mascots — known as yurukyara — are based on a something that the area is particularly proud of, so it’s not unusual to see giant walking vegetables or anthropomorphic animals representing their respective towns or prefectures.

Sometimes, though, a character emerges that is so “kimo kawaii” (gross yet somehow cute) that people aren’t sure whether to smile at it or fire up a flame thrower. One such character is the newly unveiled Okazaemon, the mascot for Okazaki City in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture.

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Creepy Baby Pears Will Keep You Healthy, Murder You in Your Sleep

Terror has a new name, and it is baby pears.

We’ve all seen pictures online of dogs that look like their owners, clouds in the shape of giant dragons and burnt toast that some people swear contains an effigy of Jesus or the virgin Mary, but never before have we witnessed pears intentionally produced to look like sleeping human babies.

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Real-Life Barbie Gives Her Friends and Family a Makeover, Turns Them into Dolls

Valeria Lukyanova, better known as “real-life Barbie” shocked the world with her cosmetically enhanced plastic-like face which makes her look like a living, breathing Barbie doll. Even more shocking was when fellow Ukrainian, Anastasiya Shpagina, aka Animé Girl, teamed up with real-life Barbie, creating the world’s creepiest photo shoot.

Now her friends and family, including her grandparents, are getting in on the creepy action, covering their faces in gaudy makeup and striking rigor mortis-inspired poses. Try to hold back your gasps of horror when viewing these photos of real-life Barbie and her real-life friends and family made up to look like dolls.

When will the madness end?!

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Held just last weekend, Japan’s Wonder Festival is a place at which animé and video game fans gather to sell and show off their home-made “garage kit” creations and painstakingly made models of well-known characters. A craft fair for the nerdy, if you will.

Among the models of characters, people in costume and dudes with enormous swords, staff from one of Japan’s premier otaku websites Akiba Blog spotted this little curiosity- an oshiri enpitsu kezuri, or “butt pencil sharpener”. Just when you thought you had everything you needed.

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“Death Blog” Writer Aki Higashihara Strikes Again

Aki Higashihara simply can’t catch a break. No sooner is her blogging power blamed for the grounding of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners than a 8.0-magnitude earthquake occurs off the coast of the Solomon Islands, triggering a massive tsunami that has been confirmed to have left as many as six dead.

Over the years, the fashion idol’s blog has been linked to a multitude of accidents and disasters across Japan, with many claiming that her words are “cursed” to the point that whatever she innocently writes has a negative knock-on effect somewhere else, like an unintentional version of the acclaimed manga and animé series Death Note. But what on earth could this yummy mummy have written on her blog this time around to have the Japanese public dousing themselves with holy water and avoiding her gaze should their paths cross in the street?

Seven harmless little words: “I want to go to the sea!”

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Things Japanese Men Do at the Office that Creep the Hell Out of Women

We all have co-workers who make us uncomfortable. A recent article on the website of popular Japanese tabloid magazine Spa included some stories about male co-workers that are too creepy to be true—at least, we hope. We thought we’d share them with you, because honestly, if these stories are true, they’re too scary to laugh

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China and Ukraine Offer Coffin Therapy: Climb in, Close the Lid, Five Minutes Later a New You!

Did you think coffins were only for the dead, haunted house managers, and vampires? Well apparently not! Climbing into a coffin for a few minutes is supposedly therapeutic, too! An artificial near-death experience is allegedly good for the soul, a great stress reliever and growing in popularity in China.

Karapaia, a Japanese news blog that reports oddities and adventures from around the world, decided to take a look at this special psychological therapy which is taking off in Shenyang China. Read More

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