Starbucks vs. Tully’s — Is there such a big difference between Japan’s coffee giants?【Taste test】

We pit two of the most popular coffee chains in Japan against each other in our most caffeinated taste test yet!

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Tully’s Coffee Japan blends coffee with magic in their new Harry Potter collaboration

Their Magical Coffee Time tie-in appeals to the hearts of all Potter die-hards.

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7 Japanese restaurant chains you can wear right now

Takoyaki, ramen, and gyoza chains take over the fashion world with limited-edition collaborations.

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What’s the price of coffee in Japan? Twitter user investigates

This list will guide you to the cheapest – and most expensive – coffees in the country.

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Tully’s Japan reveals new lineup of sakura cherry blossom beverages, sweets and drinkware

Move over Starbucks – there’s another coffeehouse in Tokyo adding a dazzling range of cherry blossom treats to their menu.

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The cafe with a kabuki twist  — we visit Tully’s Coffee at the Kabukiza Theater

Kabuki is a traditional Japanese performing art that has been enjoyed by the masses since the 17th century  and is known for its unique make-up as well as its distinct, exaggerated poses and expressions. Kabuki is performed exclusively by male actors, and some of the more famous ones enjoy celebrity status in Japan, appearing in movies, TV dramas and commercials.

So, while it’s not nearly as big an attraction in this day of 4-D movies and theme parks as it used to be in the Edo Period, kabuki is still an established entertainment genre. And the Kabukiza Theater in Tokyo’s Ginza district, which was newly rebuilt in 2013, is still a mecca for kabuki fans. Today, one of the reporters from our Japanese sister site Pouch introduces the Tully’s Coffee shop located in the Kabukiza Theater for a look at a modern cafe that serves a menu item with a kabuki twist!

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