How to use the new floating hologram registers at 7-Eleven

Japanese convenience store chain lets us shop like we’re in a futuristic sci-fi movie.

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Floating hologram registers coming to Japanese convenience stores【Video】

Contactless self-checkouts make Japan’s konbini even more konbinient.

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How to use Japanese convenience store Lawson’s self-checkout terminals

Speedy and convenient, the payment option is no snack run speedbump.

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Elderly Wakayama woman arrested for hacking her local supermarket’s self-checkout

Senior turned to computer fraud to get a discount on her eggs.

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Revolutionary new A.I. self-checkout system in Japan calculates all your items with one glance

Sayonara barcode scans! Now there’s a faster and easier way to shop in Japan.

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Honesty experiment in China ends with losses of 20 percent for participating convenience stores

Two stores in China trialled unstaffed shops this week, in an experiment to see whether customers would pay up without being prompted.

Convenience stores in Beijing and Hangzhou were temporarily replaced with automated payment systems and advertised as “completely unstaffed”. Sadly, the experiment was not an unqualified success. While most customers proved to be honest, some chose to pay only a fraction of their bill, and in some case nothing at all.

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