Travel secrets: East Japan’s own Monet Pond and Kiyomizu in Tochigi【Photos】

It’s a long walk up the mountain, but they’re worth it.

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Gifu pond where 3,000 fish were murdered gets back on its feet thanks to donations, volunteers

Touching outpouring of support comes from across the country as owner calls for burglars to apologize, but not to him.

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“My employees were killed.” Japanese pond owner breaks into tears after 3,000 fish die in robbery

Monetary damages “don’t matter at all” compared to the loss of life, owner says in heartbreaking video.

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Heading to Nagasaki with Peach’s random gacha capsule plane ticket discount

Home is where the discount is.

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Amazing new Tokyo art exhibit lets you create cherry blossoms just by touching light【Video】

One of the city’s best art museums just got better with a special springtime sakura upgrade.

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People in Japan go crazy for Japanese koi fish with love hearts on its eyes

People are travelling far and wide to catch a glimpse of the rare beauty in this koi fish pond.

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We ordered a box of koi-shaped sushi to see if they taste as good as they look 【Taste Test】

Last week we saw the amazing koi-shaped (carp-shaped) sushi created by one sushi shop in Japan. While they were certainly beautiful and life-like, one question was on our mind: How do they taste?

To find out, we ordered a box of the koi-shaped sushi and gave it a try. Does the fish-shaped sushi’s taste live up to its appearance? Read on to find out!

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So what’s the quintessential visual representation of fish in Japanese culture? Is it a decorative koi, swimming gracefully in a garden pond? Or is it a delectable piece of sushi sitting atop an elegant piece of tableware?

Maybe it’s both, like these koi-shaped sushi morsels that combine five staples of the popular dish into a beautiful piece of edible art.

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