Pokémon GO

Disaster-struck region aims to increase tourism by bringing ALL region-exclusive Pokémon to Japan

That means TaurosMr Mime and Kanghaskan could be caught in Japan for a limited time.

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Japanese government agency steps in to possibly regulate PokéCoin purchases

Japan’s Financial Services Agency opens an investigation into whether or not PokéCoins fall under jurisdiction of the country’s Payment Services Act.
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Jokes about balls – the true universal language.

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Japanese typhoons bring rain, chaos, and… Pokémon?!

Today’s forecast: It’s raining Magikarp!

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Pocket Monster pandemonium as Pokémon GO launches in Taiwan, sparks shocking stampedes 【Video】

Whoa, who knew Snorlax fans had this much energy?

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Why didn’t Japan include any Pokémon character cameos in the 2020 Olympic promo?

Netizens fear Japan may have missed out on capitalizing on one of its hottest current exports.
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Fans use Nike customisation service to create awesome Pokémon Sneakers

The Pikashoe is one of more than a hundred creatures currently being captured in the colourful sneaker Pokédex.

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Pokémon Go craze reignites love for cute Pikachu sea slug in Japan

We take a look at thecacera pacifica, known as the “Pikachu sea slug” in Japan, which many say is the real-life inspiration for the Pokémon character.

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These Pokémon GO illustrations depict a world we’d love to live in【Art】

Or, at the very least, they would make a fantastic urban fantasy young adult novel series.

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This downtown Tokyo park just might be the city’s best-kept secret for Pokémon GO players

Rare Pokémon and everything you need to catch them are waiting at Hamacho Park.

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Gotta drown ‘em all? Japanese Pokémon GO Gym location is awesomely dramatic, incredibly dangerous

If you’re planning to visit this Shinto shrine’s Gym, you might want to say some prayers first.

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Pokédex, lies, and Jigglypuff: a cautionary tale

We tell the true-life story of a marriage brought to the brink of divorce by one man’s private Poké-passion!
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Japanese pet owner illustrates likeness between adorable Shiba Inu and Pokémon Eevee

Japanese net users weigh in on the similarities between the Shiba Inu pup and the Evolution Pokémon.

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Hilarious Pokémon cosplay at Comiket 90 includes PokéStops and Exeggutor Alola form【Pics】

Nothing says you’ve touched the heart of the internet better than being cosplayed.

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Pokémon Go singles mixer events announced in Japan

Good news single people! There are now Pokémon Go matchmaking events in Japan!

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Hilarious Japanese hashtag celebrates most puzzling PokéStops in the country

The new hashtag offers a collection of some of the most unusually-named PokéStops in Japan, and some that just make us laugh.

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More cosplay from Summer Comiket 2016 — now with 30 percent more beefcake!

Buff blade boys and sexy Squirtle catch the eyes of attendees at Japan’s biggest otaku event.

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Adorable Japanese Shiba Inu dog looks like he’s trying out for a part in Pokémon GO 【Video】

This puppy is too big to fit in your pocket, but he’s still monstrously cute.

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Pokémon GO enters partnership to help disaster-stricken regions of Japan 【Video】

Four prefectures in Japan team up with Pokémon GO developer Niantic to speed up their recovery.

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Korean mobile game featured eerily similar gameplay to Pokémon Go…in 2011

Korean netizens unearth a Korean mobile game that seems to be a blatant ripoff of the wildly popular Pokémon Go, except it predates Niantic’s megahit by five years.

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