Extra-stylish Pikachu and starter Pokémon adorn compacts, water bottles, and snacks.

We recently took a look at a wristwatch adorned with images of Pikachu and his Pocket Monster brethren. Snazzy as it may be, with a price tag of £200,000 (US$259,511), it’s probably a little out of most fans’ budget.

But fear not, because Japanese fashion and lifestyle brand Its’Demo is here with a cool new batch of Pokémon cosmetics and other items that we regular folk can still pay for with pocket cash. Coming a year after Its’Demo’s beach-themed Pokémon team-up, the new items have a botanical motif. For added feminine appeal, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander all appear in soft-touch illustrated versions with extra-long eyelashes.

First up are compacts with foundation and applicator cushions, priced at 1,000 yen (US$9) and available in three different designs.

Also offered in three different versions are the 1,800-yen makeup pallets which contain highlighter, blush, and eye shadow.

▼ This heart-tailed female Pikachu reminds us to always take the time to stop and smell the lotuses.

Moving from cosmetics to general skin care, there’s a selection of hand creams (480 yen each) with grapefruit, soap, or floral scents.

With the warm weather of summer coming soon, staying hydrated is more important than ever, so your Poké pals are ready to help on that front with sturdy water bottles (1,800 yen each).

Should you spill anything, or just be sweating profusely, you can wipe up the unwanted moisture with zippered “towel pouches” (900 yen each).

These flat pouches (450 yen each) don’t double as towels, but on the plus side, they do come filled with marshmallows.

And finally, if all you really want is the snacks, Its’Demo is also selling Pokémon cookies (170 or 340 yen, depending on exact style).

▼ They probably taste delicious, if you can bring yourself to eat the adorable things.

The entire lineup is currently on sale at Its’Demo retail outlets, and select items can also be purchased through the brand’s online shop here.

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Source: Pokemon official website via Nijimen via Anime News Network/Jennifer Sherman

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