Like eating more than five Big Macs in one sitting.

Burger King has been testing the boundaries of our appetites this year, with a Fake Burger stuffed with chips, all-you-can-eat one-pound burgers, and most recently, a bunless burger with four patties of beef.

After proudly ploughing through each and every one of them, we felt we needed a new challenge. So we decided to outdo the fast food chain at its own game by combining their current limited-edition one-pound beef burgers to create the biggest burger of them all.

▼ We see you, Burger King, and we’ll raise you with a beast of a burger back at the office.

The two burgers we purchased were the Maximum Super One Pound Beef Burger (left) and the Extreme One Pound Beef Burger (right).

The Maximum Burger weighs in at 607 grams (1.3 pounds) and contains a hefty 2,046 kilocalories. That’s equivalent to 2.8 McDonald’s Big Macs.

The Extreme Burger contains the exact same ingredients as the Maximum — four flame-grilled 100-percent beef patties, two rich cheddar cheese slices, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and tomato sauce — but with no buns.

▼ The Extreme is the first-ever bunless burger to be released by the fast food giant.

These are hefty burgers on their own, but we wanted to know — what would they look like if we combined them together? So we placed the Extreme ingredients inside the Maximum…

▼ And placed the bun on top of it all.

▼ Behold — our eight patty meat wall!

The sheer look of it took our breath away. It wasn’t just huge, it was stable too, as the mass of ingredients weighed it all down to the plate like an anchor.

Our Japanese-language reporter Seiji Nakazawa was keen to take up the challenge of eating his way through over two pounds of beef, and when he lifted the burger up off the plate, it was heavy.

▼ Do us proud, Seiji!

Seiji chomped down on the burger as best he could before putting it back down on the plate. Our hopes were high as we walked around the table to see how much he’d chewed off the beast, but that’s when we saw this.

▼ At this rate, we’d be here all day.

No matter how hard he tried, all Seiji could fit in his mouth was one side of the bun, so he decided to whip out some cutlery to help him demolish the beast. Cutlery helped us get through the Extreme Burger when we first tried it, as it made it seem more like a luxurious meal of steak and vegetables rather than a towering wall of meat, and Seiji hoped it would help him cut this monster down to size, literally and figuratively.

He diligently sat by the burger, slicing his way through patty after patty, piling bits of vegetables on the meat as he ate. Alternating between tomatoes, lettuce and onion for variety, he paused in between mouthfuls to tell us he felt like he was drowning in an overwhelming flood of meat. 

Still, his spirits remained high, as the delicious taste of the burger kept his taste buds entertained, and the cheese did a great job of adding extra flavour to the meaty flame-grilled morsels. Seiji persevered with the challenge, determined not to give in to the meat sweats, until finally…the plate was empty and his belly was full to overflowing.

▼ We always had faith in Seiji, who’s proven time and time again that he loves his burgers.

With the Extreme Super One Pound Beef Burger priced at 1,400 yen (US$13.48) and the Maximum Super One Pound Beef Burger priced at 1,600 yen, this massive Burger King burger challenge cost us 3,000 yen. Not bad for so much meat, and if you’d like to take up the challenge, the burgers will be on the menu in Japan only until 3 December, and sold from 2:00 p.m. each day.

Now that Seiji has proven his mettle when it comes to taking down monster burgers, next time there’s an epic all-you-can-eat Burger King event, he’ll definitely be the one taking up the challenge.

Photos © SoraNews24
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