Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

10 of our absolute favorite places to spend a day in Tokyo

Whether you’re looking for the hustle and bustle or peace and quiet, this list has you covered.

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Robot security guards patrol Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

They look kind of like robot squid too.

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No, the Tokyo Skytree wasn’t lit in colors of Ukraine for solidarity…but another landmark is

Intentional or not, many still see color scheme as a sign of hope and encouragement.

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Tokyo city hall gets menacing red makeover as coronavirus infection numbers rise【Photos】

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, one other famous landmark change their colors as infections rise following lifting of restrictions.

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Tokyo’s Metropolitan Assembly Hall building is one of the cheapest places to drink in the city

All-you-can-drink beer costs just 600 yen (US$5.80), which will barely get you a single glass in many other Tokyo restaurants.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building now accepting applications to watch first sunrise of 2015

With 2014 winding down, it’s time to make plans for the new year holidays. For many people in Japan this means finding a place to watch the first sunrise of the year, or hatsu hinode; a common custom of the season.

However, many Tokyoites may be unaware that the perfect spot to view the sunrise is standing in plain view: The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. This 243-meter (797 ft) building has a pair of observation rooms which offer the greatest views in the city and is a spot popular amongst tourists, though few ever think of when it comes to New Year’s Day, assuming that because it’s a government building it would shut down for the holidays.

But ever since 1995 the building has been opening its doors to a handful of visitors, giving them the chance to take in the first sunset of the year from high above the city. Here’s how to apply for a spot on the observation deck.

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