Japanese monk’s breakfasts with cats are the most important/cutest videos of the day

Start your day with a healthy serving of adorable felines and their kind-hearted owner.

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Japanese monks go viral with online protest against police claim that robes are a driving hazard

Buddhist monks juggle, box, dance to show their garments are no hindrance after monk refuses to pay fine for driving in his robe. 

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Buddhist priest at Japanese temple lodging goes viral for rude responses to tourist’s bad reviews

Many people are siding with the Mt Koya priest, who said he was frustrated by tourists who post “arrogant responses like they’re some travel pioneer”.

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Buddhist temples in Japan get digital upgrade with new techno wooden fish【Video】

The most entertaining way to recite the Heart Sutra.

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Fake monks targeting foreign visitors to Japan?

Mock monks after your money? On layman‘s terms.

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Japanese monk surrounded by adorable cats achieves supremely sublime breakfast【Photos】

A soul-soothing way to start the day.

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Japanese monk band performs rockin’ live street performance on Christmas Eve【Video】

These Christmas carollers appear to be just a little bit Buddhist!

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“Spare Some Change, Guvnor?” Photo of Distinctly Impious Monks Causes Outrage Online

In pretty much any major city around the world, you’re bound to run in to a person collecting money for some cause or other. It could be in aid of curing a deadly disease, cutting world hunger, protecting the environment or even animal rights activists PETA asking for donations when they’re not making online videogames

In Japan, it’s not uncommon to encounter Buddhist monks, standing still in the street with a bowl in hand, asking for donations. This is a tradition that has existed in Japan for centuries, and, while few busy city-dwellers stop to drop a few yen in the bowl, even fewer would begrudge the monks for doing it since they have scant income and bring a lot of comfort to many people.

A photo that appeared online earlier this week, however, showing what appears to be two monks sitting in a side-street laughing and smoking while counting their takings for the day, has caused quite a stir among Japan’s internet users…

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