Mysterious meat-faced man shows up amongst Tokyo university beauty pageant entrants

We can’t quite put our finger on it, but there’s something a little bit different about one of this year’s Miss Geidai Contest entrants. No, not the blonde girl on the end or the one who looks a bit like Calista Flockhart; the one from Team D. It could be the hair, it could be the raw meat wrapped around her head, but something about this entrant really catches our eye…

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Tokyo Tower elevator grinds to a halt as metal object smashes glass

If you’re going to Tokyo Tower anytime soon, you probably won’t be able to go up to the 250-meter (820-foot) Special Observatory, which stands high above the 150-meter (492-foot) Main Observatory. Why? The one-and-only elevator providing service to the higher level has been temporarily closed after a piece of flying metal broke one of the glass walls!

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Hardcore Totoro: Western fan art reimagines Studio Ghibli classics with gritty realism

We’ve already seen what can happen when artists take the creations of Studio Ghibli and thrust them into the world of the macabre, but the following collection of fan-art posters has left us feeling quite on edge.

Reimagining all of your animated favourites with a shocking level of impact and realism, it’s fair to say that these posters are perhaps truer to their films’ roots than Ghibli would ever care to admit, but at the same time we’re quite sure that, had the films had debuted with these as their official posters there would be far fewer kids pestering their parents to go and see them.

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Horrifying video shows gravity-defying bus accident

Somehow, seat belts often become a matter of contention. Some people buckle-up instinctively upon getting in a car, while others refuse to snap it even when it’s a legal requirement. For many, it’s just another hassle. But even if you think seat belts are stupid and would rather pay a fine than strap in, this video of a terrifying bus accident in Zhejiang, China will change your mind.

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Taiwan’s Gravity Max – Quite possibly the scariest roller coaster in the world

“Whatever that thing is in front of us is, I really hope it can hold all of our weight,” says roller coaster aficionado Robb Alvey as the car he is sitting in reaches the end of the track. And it literally is the end – just a couple of feet ahead of where the train has come to a halt, the rails suddenly stop and there is naught but blue sky.

This is the Gravity Max roller coaster in Taiwan’s Discovery World theme park, a ’tilt coaster’ built by Dutch thrill rides designer Vekoma which features a section of track at the top of the chain lift that slowly tilts from horizontal to vertical before clicking into place and releasing the safety lock to drop the train down. Provided, of course, that the rails line up…

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‘Look, Ma! No hands!’ Terrifying construction exploits in Asia 【Video】

Construction in any country is a dangerous job. Heavy machinery, dangerous tools, and simply unsafe conditions make such work less than ideal. But without it we wouldn’t have, well, pretty much anything. Still, we usually expect a certain amount of safety for our workers. Though that’s not always the case.

Today, we have four videos of some of the most daring construction exploits caught on camera for your heart-stopping entertainment! Read More

Bird Flu Spreading? Netizens Report Mysterious Bird Deaths in China

China is currently dealing with an outbreak of deadly bird flu (H7N9 virus). As of April 10, there have been nine deaths and 28 confirmed infections, largely in the Shanghai area. Officials have been taking measures to prevent the spread of the disease, but they may have acted too slowly.

A rash of shocking photos from around China has been shocking Web users over the last couple of days. The images show sparrows and pigeons lying dead on the ground with no visible signs of injury. And not just one or two, but several and sometimes more than 10 mysteriously downed birds, leaving many to speculate whether bird flu is to blame. Read More

New Playstation 3 Commercial Packs a Nasty Little Surprise, Small Children Now Wary of Plastic Boxes

Just before this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Sony lifted the lid on its newly-modelled Playstation 3 console.

While many of us were hoping for even a tiny snippet of news on the next generation of consoles, Sony is still busy squeezing the few last drops of juice out of its multi-million-selling game machine, and, in an effort to cut production costs and shift a few more units before going next-gen, has somehow managed to shave a few more inches off the console’s size, giving it a facelift in the process.

Eager to show off their newest toy, a brand new ad campaign for the console hit Japanese TV late last week, drawing consumers’ attention to the machine’s snazzy new lines and bragging about its smaller size.

And then something a little bit unexpected happens. Read More

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