Saiyans, pirates, and Jesus all come alive on Japanese blackboards

As we saw from their hilarious textbook doodles not too long ago, Japanese school children seem to be bursting at the seams with creativity. Now, with the slightly more public and temporary space of a classroom blackboard, some students with encouraging teachers were able to create some very impressive murals.

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Unusual punishment lands Hiroshima elementary school teacher in hot water

A male teacher from a public school in Hiroshima City is in trouble for the implementation of a bizarre, and disputably inappropriate, classroom rule involving making his students pose and have their picture taken in front of the entire class. 

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Autumn style: Hair and cargo netting together at last!

Tired of the same old hairstyles? Twin tails just not rocking your socks any more? Well how about hairdo that could also be used as a weapon or a means of catching your next meal?

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Teacher beats student over flippant comment, only loses 1/10 of salary

We can almost, kind of, maybe a little bit, understand why some teachers get angry enough to hit their students. When thinking about high school, there are enough cringe-worthy moments of complete jerkery where one wouldn’t blame a teacher for reaching out and slapping certain students across the mouth.

That’s not to say that such behavior is acceptable, of course! Only that, in some cases, maybe we can kind of get how infuriating students can be.

This is not one of those cases.

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Teacher confesses to installing camera in girls’ restroom, ‘Just wanted to test out the equipment’

The Kusatsushi Board of Education in Shiga Prefecture, Japan made a public announcement on June 3 that a teacher employed at an elementary school within the Kusatsushi area was being questioned after installing a small, compact-style camera inside the girls’ toilets at the school where he worked.

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New School Swimsuit in Japan is Conservative and Surprisingly Cute

The worst time in P.E. for many girls is the few weeks when everyone is forced to learn how to swim. When you’re a self-conscious young lady, having to wear a bathing suit in front of a bunch of guys can be mortifying. To make matters worse, most swimsuits are very low-cut on the top and high-cut on the bottom, making for a very embarrassing garment for girls who are uncomfortable with their bodies to wear.

Good news for shy girls and fashionistas alike! Japan-based swimsuit maker, Footmark, seems to have achieved the impossible by releasing a one-piece girls’ school swimsuit that is both conservative and absolutely cute.

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Junior High Schoolgirls Flood and Vandalize School, Scrawl “Dead School” and “Death” on Premises

Ah, it’s spring again – that time of year when young boys’ and girls’ thoughts turn to mayhem, destruction and chaos.  Boy, this story sure takes me back to my preteen days.

On 1 May, Police in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture announced that they referred two 13 year-old girls to the Odawara Child Guidance Center after they were found to have caused approximately 490,000 yen (US$5,000) of damage to Sakawa Municipal Junior High School.

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T is for Thievery: Surprising Identity of Osaka Elementary School Bandit Discovered

From November last year until this January, Nozato Elementary School in Osaka City had been the scene of a string of robberies. In 16 different incidents, up to 235,000 yen (US$2,500) was stolen from the wallets of teachers who worked there.

However, thanks to the efforts of one vigilant teacher, the culprit was finally identified and dealt with on 28 February.

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Middle School Students Forced to Drink Acid as Punishment

It made the news over the weekend in Japan that middle schoolers in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture were forced to drink diluted hydrochloric acid as punishment for failing to perform a lab experiment correctly. Read More

Chinese Teacher Makes Good on Promise to Class, Wears Maid Outfit to Reward Top Grades

When I was a lad, school operated on a system of strict rules and severe punishments rather than incentives and reward. Every Friday afternoon, the student with the lowest test scores would be plunged into a deep pit filled with spiders, stinging nettles and dog poo as the trapdoor below his chair sprang open; the soft, wet thud his body made as it came into contact with the mounds of muck marking the end of another week at Catholic school.

But not this generation! One young teacher in China has shown that the prospect of reward really can have a motivating effect on students’ performance as she set them an inspired challenge: “Come out on top in the next test and I’ll wear a maid outfit.”

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A Shoo-In Method For Cheating on Your Math Test

When I was in high school, the TI-82 graphing calculator was the cheater’s tool of choice. At first we would simply store important equations into the “Y=” graphing screen. After teachers caught onto that, we figured out that you could register data to the calculator’s memory and restore it with the push of a button.

I imagine that schools today must be on complete technology lockdown, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Just take a look at this novel, low-tech cheating method devised by one student in China that’s sure to knock you off your feet.

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What’s The Best Thing You Ever Said To Your Teacher (To Make Them Completely Lose It)?

We’ve all had teachers with a variety of temperaments. Some were cool, mellow. Some awkward, or just characters. (But hey, teachers are human too and they have to put up with students’ quirkiness as well).

Have you ever said or done anything that pushed your teacher over the edge, even for just a second? Below are an assortment of such utterances taken from a 2ch thread titled “Tell Us Something You Said That Pissed off Your Teacher.” Some of them may sound weird, and you may be shocked at the violent reaction of some of the teachers, but you need to take into account that some forms of hitting are still considered acceptable in Japanese schools. Read More

Back in 2008, at an Osaka elementary school there was an incident involving a 3rd grade student who smashed two bottles of milk together during lunch time.  As a result, the bottles shattered sending a shard of glass into the child’s eye and leaving him disabled. It’s certainly a terrible accident but what followed had turned the public’s sympathy into outrage.

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