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New line of paired boy/girl Pikachu plushies kicks off with couple in Japanese school uniforms

As some Pokémon are graduating, others are just about to start life at their new schools.

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Awesome huggable Sanrio ad in Tokyo makes us wish all marketing was stuffed animal-based【Pics】

Pom Pom Purin celebrating 20th birthday in grand style in Shinjuku Station, adorable butthole and all…

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Zoopy: The cuddliest stuffed-animal covers you’ll ever need for your phone!

Give your phone an adorable pet of its own with these stuffed animal cases!

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Six-foot, seven-inch Dragon Ball Shenron plushie is perfect for huge fans of the fighting anime

What more could any Dragon Ball fan wish for?

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What the…?!? Stuffed “Teddytaur” toy baffles and fascinates us at the same time

We’ve discovered a seriously bizarre-looking offering from high-end German stuffed toy maker Steiff. But what exactly is it? Apparently, it’s a Teddytaur!

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The RN24 Giant Bear Incident: Eight-foot-tall teddy twins appear in our office, steal our hearts

Working at RocketNews24 sort of desensitizes you to craziness, but even we were surprised when we found out our two new coworkers are gigantic eight-foot-tall teddy bears. Things just got weirder as we heard the story of how they found their way to our office, but hey, it’s not like we mind having two new cuddly heartthrobs to share our workspace with!

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