Japan’s Mos Burger Dassai sake milkshake is here, but is it any good?【Taste test】

Japan’s most popular sake brand teams up with its most popular domestic burger chain for a dessert drink like no other.

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Mos Burger teams up with Dassai sake brand for a very unusual milkshake

Ah, the sweet, sweet taste of a Japanese sake brewery.

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New Sweet Sake Pocky showcases the flavour of a centuries-old Japanese sake brewery in Tokyo

Special regional-exclusive release uses ingredients from the only sake brewery in the 23 wards of Tokyo.

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Seiji shares a very special tip to keep warm and have fun in the Japanese New Year

Our esteemed writer brings us a new twist on the classic sweetness of amazake.

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Caffè Veloce serves up tempting winter comfort drink based on hot sweet sake!

This white drink being served at the Caffè Veloce chain this winter may look like hot milk, but it’s something else all together — and much sweeter, too!

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Kanpai! Japanese sweet sake found to have beauty benefits

It seems like every time you look, there’s some sort of new fad diet or superfood, all purported to be the best thing you can do for your health or to improve your natural beauty. But the good news is, this one’s actually fun to partake in.

Researchers at a university in Japan have now put sweet Japanese sake to the test, and have found it to have a number of positive beauty benefits, including improvement to under-eye health!

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