We turn our home into one of Japan’s favorite cafes with at-home chocolate croissant baking kit

Delicious, fresh-baked chocolate croissants whenever we want them? Yes, please!

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Japan’s best domestic hamburger fast food chain now has croissants, but are they any good?

Taste-testing the croissants that you have to preorder from Mos Burger.

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Japanese convenience store’s cheap knockoff croissant — is it any good?

7-Eleven may have bitten off more than it can chew in this taste test showdown.

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Major Japanese bread producer begins selling croissants and cakes made from silkworms

Insect foods are on a roll.

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Japan now has Kit Kat croissants, in chocolate and matcha green tea flavors

The delicious delights of being in Japan aren’t limited to the amazing sushi and tea. Being in the country also surprisingly gives you access to the world’s greatest variety of Kit Kat flavors and variations.

We’ve already seen the tasty confectionaries show up in cheesecake flavor and atop pizzas, and now the crossover between the chocolate wafers and baked goods continues as one of Japan’s most popular coffeehouses is now selling Kit Kat croissants.

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