Japanese Kit Kats

New green tea Japanese Kit Kat released to raise funds for earthquake-damaged Kumamoto region

Kit Kat joins forces with regional mascot Kumamon to help people in the affected area.

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New “Minus-196 Degrees Celsius” Japanese Kit Kat cooled by liquid nitrogen available this summer

Customers will be able to create their own supercooled Kit Kats using ingredients like marshmallows and pretzels at the new “Below Freezing Chocolatory” pop-up store in Tokyo.

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Nestlé Japan releases new green tea Kit Kats as part of their “I LOVE TEA” series

Matcha Kit Kat lovers can now enjoy more green tea chocolate options.

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Win a Premium Japanese Kit Kat box, courtesy of TokyoTreat!【Contest closed】

Love Kit Kats? Wish you could get your hands on the amazing varieties available only in Japan? How about a whole box of them?

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We tried the new sake-flavour Kit Kats from Japan and they’re awesome【Taste Test】

Chocolate-covered wafers and Japanese rice wine are a winning combination.

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