Pokédex, lies, and Jigglypuff: a cautionary tale

We tell the true-life story of a marriage brought to the brink of divorce by one man’s private Poké-passion!
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Overweight, bald, or cheap? Japanese women pick the man they’d least want to marry in survey

One choice tops the list by a wide margin.

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Japanese men share what they can put up with in a girlfriend, but would be marriage deal-breakers

Looks, personality, and hobbies all show up in the top 10.

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Japanese advice columnist shuts down mother who doesn’t want to give son permission to marry

The ultimate mic drop: comparing someone to WWII Imperial Japan.

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Japanese ladies list top five companies whose employees they’d most/least like to date

Which company in Japan has the most and least “eligible bachelor” employees? New study suggests Japanese ladies have strict preferences!
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This homemade panda sushi from Japan contains no meat or fish, but tons of cuteness

Apparently the loveable creatures can be found in the mountains of China, zoos, and this couple’s refrigerator.

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Japanese guys way more enthusiastic about moving in with girlfriends than vice-versa, survey says

Living together before marriage is becoming more common in Japan, but this poll suggests there’s still a big gap between how men and women feel about it.

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What do Japanese people think of their country’s low birthrate? 【Video】

Japan has a big problem with little babies, but what do the Japanese people think about it?

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Japanese mom lists 14 ways life with a spouse is different from life with someone you’re dating

With one you have dreams, and with the other you have reality.

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Increasing number of Japanese ditching traditional attitudes about weddings and funerals

Less income means less desire and less money to spend on major life events.

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New interview series with China’s unmarried women shows, shrinks attitude gap between generations

Follow-up interviews to the dramatic Marriage Market Takeover documentary shed light on the beliefs of China’s “Leftover Women” and their parents’ eroding difficulties in accepting them

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“Don’t let pressure dictate your life”—China’s unmarried women speak out in heart-rending video

This video documenting the pressure China’s “leftover” women are under to marry will kick you squarely in the feels.

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Japanese men rank the top 10 complaints they hope to never hear from their wives

Is it worse to be called lazy or smelly?

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Say I do with Hatsune Miku! Virtual idol now gracing Japanese marriage certificates

Two designs to help you and your beloved begin your real-world wedded bliss.

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7 things Japanese people in international marriages wish they’d known before tying the knot

Is your Darling a Foreigner? Then you might want to read this list of seven things to think about before putting a ring on it.

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Panasonic to recognize same-sex marriages of its employees starting this April

Panasonic, the Japanese electronics producer and one of the Olympic Games’ biggest sponsors, announces sweeping policy changes.

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Sailor Moon marriage certificate series reveals stunning final design filled with special details

The exclusive four-piece Sailor Moon marriage certificate series is finally complete with the best design in the whole collection.

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Good as the One Piece treasure: marriage registration certificates with the Straw Hat Pirates

Have the toughest pirate team that’s ever sailed the seas decorate your official marriage paperwork.

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Sailor Moon marriage certificates now come with JAXA Hayabusa spacecraft details

Sagamihara City is offering Sailor Moon marriage certificates sporting an image of JAXA’s Hayabusa spacecraft.

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Japanese mom’s advice to daughter: Ask your boyfriend for many selfish things

Step 1: Be selfish to your boyfriend. Step 2: Happy marriage.

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