Japanese “reverse engagement ring” helps women control their marital destiny

Company even offers a consolation gift if he says no.

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Avril Lavigne’s younger sister marries Japanese rock star

Bis sis is totally OK with having this fellow musician as her new brother-in-law.

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Kyoto temple’s women-only mausoleum accepts women who don’t want to share their husband’s grave

Zuishinin Temple is there for women who say one lifetime together is enough.

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Japanese group trying to win support for “Housewives’ Day Off” to help harried homemakers

Wants day of rest to be observed three times a year.

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Make your special day even more memorable with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel at your wedding

For the bride who needs everything Hello Kitty in her life!

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New colored contact lenses will help near-sighted Japanese women land a husband, maker claims

Different designs recommended depending on wearer’s taste in men.

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Japanese Twitter user shares the phrase a man should never say to his wife

Dinner is involved.

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Japanese couple capture their 400-day honeymoon around the world with spectacular drone footage

This beautiful video is so uplifting it will bring tears to your eyes.

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Japanese female pro wrestler uses “deadly weapon” to subdue opponent: a thick marriage magazine

Forget chairs or ladders, hit them with what really hurts!

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More Japanese are marrying friends and acquaintances because they don’t want to bother with dating

Japan’s latest buzzword, “Marriage sans dating,” sheds some light on new Japanese romantic customs.

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What is the hottest age group for women? Our Japanese writer investigates

RocketNews24’s P.K. Sanjun goes in search of the overall ages where women are at their hottest. His finds both surprised him and proved a little controversial.

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Video shows the truth behind one Chinese woman tricking parents with rental boyfriend【Video】

When mom won’t quit with the marriage nagging, desperate action must be taken.

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Survey asks Japanese women if they could marry a man who’s rich but ugly

Poll finds a huge gap in attitudes of women in different age groups.

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Say “I do” with Tom and Jerry marriage certificates from Japan

Now you can make your love-hate relationship official with five hilariously cute designs!

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Pokédex, lies, and Jigglypuff: a cautionary tale

We tell the true-life story of a marriage brought to the brink of divorce by one man’s private Poké-passion!
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Overweight, bald, or cheap? Japanese women pick the man they’d least want to marry in survey

One choice tops the list by a wide margin.

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Japanese men share what they can put up with in a girlfriend, but would be marriage deal-breakers

Looks, personality, and hobbies all show up in the top 10.

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Japanese advice columnist shuts down mother who doesn’t want to give son permission to marry

The ultimate mic drop: comparing someone to WWII Imperial Japan.

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Japanese ladies list top five companies whose employees they’d most/least like to date

Which company in Japan has the most and least “eligible bachelor” employees? New study suggests Japanese ladies have strict preferences!
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This homemade panda sushi from Japan contains no meat or fish, but tons of cuteness

Apparently the loveable creatures can be found in the mountains of China, zoos, and this couple’s refrigerator.

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