Latest Japanese Instagram trend: photos of baby butts covered up with peaches【Pics】

The trendiest way to embarrass your child years from now.

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Kyoto’s Living Room pug café lets all the dogs out【Photos】

Find out why the biggest pug café in Japan is going to the dogs.

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Otterly adorable otters are here to make your day【Photos】

You otter stop what you’re doing and check these out. You’ll thank us later.

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Twitter user posts video of swarming bunnies on Rabbit Island, we all wish we were there

“Ahhh! Attack of the Buns!”

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“World’s most stylish rabbit” is the Instagram account you should be following right now【Photos】

His cute and extravagant lifestyle is way more glamorous than ours.

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Stamp collecting cat-lovers rejoice! Japan Post to release insanely cute cat stamps in April

Not a stamp collector yet? That’ll change in a few months!

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Zoopy: The cuddliest stuffed-animal covers you’ll ever need for your phone!

Give your phone an adorable pet of its own with these stuffed animal cases!

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Japan’s favorite Shiba is winning even more fans with his adorable stuffed polar bear friend

Marutaro, Japan’s most beloved shiba inu, not only shares his name with a hedgehog — he also shares his nappy time with an adorable stuffed polar bear!

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Adorably derpy bunny melts even the most frigid hearts on Japanese Twitter 【Pics】

If you listen closely, you can still hear the squeals of kawaii echoing across the internet.

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【Monday Kickstart】Who can stay mad with squeaky shoes? Pouting toddler steals our hearts

A recent viral video of a young Korean girl initially pouting then breaking into giggles at the sound of her squeaky shoes is just the thing you need to kick your week off right!

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Kittens sleeping in foot-warming hot carpets are too cute for words 【Pics & Videos】

As the man with the sword told us repeatedly, “Winter is coming.” And while some of us are happy to play in the snow, not everyone is so excited about the chilly weather. Some of us, in fact, would much prefer to stay inside and sleep in the kotatsu.

Or, if you happen to be an adorable kitten, you might prefer to just to hang out inside your human’s foot-warming heated carpet.

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Thai commercial tugs at our heartstrings, reminds us to call our parents more often【Video】

We don’t know what it is about huge companies these days, but they really like to make us feel the feels recently. When did they all have a financial meeting and decide to spend money on making us cry? These commercials are emotional, beautiful and give us hope that even with all the bad in the world, moments of undeniable good can still be found and cherished.

Inspired by true events, this commercial really gives off a “Humans of New York” vibe even though it’s an advertisement for life insurance. Get your tissues ready because, when children show how much they care about their parents, it really warms the cockles of our hearts.

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Marutaro the hedgehog is still as cute as a button, and now he’s a family hedgehog! 【Pics】

When we first met Marutaro the hedgehog last year, he was just about the cutest thing we’d seen in months. Now, over 12 months later, we have to say that’s still the case! And it looks like the adorable little spike ball is only getting more and more popular—popularity that we’d say is well deserved.

In case you haven’t been following Marutaro on Twitter, we’ve decided to round up a few of our new favorite photos and videos of the little guy being adorable, as well as some family photos. Get your fill of loveable cuteness below!

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These bunnies have a Twitter account and you should be following it

For those thinking about becoming a pet owner, there are so many different animals to choose from. There are a lot of things to consider when you are making such an important choice; size, color, sex, breed, and of course the type of animal are factors you need to think about.

How about cuteness? Are you thinking about cuteness? Clearly some people are, because their adorable pets are winning them thousands of followers online…

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Adorable hamster does what we wish we could on Monday: stay in bed all day!【Monday Kickstart】

Well, it’s Monday again. Sure, waking up on Monday isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it can certainly feel like it when that alarm goes off. Still, it’s not like you can just stay in bed all day, curled up under the sheets like a snail in its shell; eventually we all have to pull ourselves out from under the covers, hop in the shower, and trudge to work. Or do we?

Not if you’re this adorable little hamster! It can spend all day wrapped up in its futon, enjoying its warm embrace and dreaming little hamster dreams! Doesn’t it just make you sick?! So sick you could spend all day staring at its cute little face! Aw, we take it back, little hammie. We could never stay mad at you!

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World’s smallest “hopping mouse” could fit into your pocket’s pocket

What would you do if you suddenly saw a tiny little fur ball jump across the road in front of your car in the middle of a country road? Could you stop in time? We’re not talking about some normal rodent either, but an adorably cute fuzzy critter only as big as a plastic bottle cap.

Learn all about this adorable creature that narrowly avoided being hit by a car in China with pictures and more, after the jump!

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Here are some photos of the cutest kitten ever to help you get to the weekend

Been having a rough week? Need a little pick-me-up to get you through to the weekend? How about some cute kitten pictures? And not pictures of just any little kitten. No no; this one is quite possibly the world’s most adorable kitten ever, sure to pull your heartstrings with its world’s-most-adorable kitten paws.

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Adorable little kitten auditions for her own cooking show, charms us all

Pets are an extremely important part of our lives as they provide us with companionship that can’t be compared. People will try to do pretty much everything with their pets: walk, talk, bathe, cook (not like that!), the list just goes on and on! If you’ve never seen a pet cooking then let us remind you of YouTube veteran Francis, who hosts the cooking show “Cooking with Dog”.

Perhaps this show has inspired this kitten to start up her own cooking venture. They might want to work out a few tiny details first, but for now let’s introduce Meow, the cooking kitten sensation!

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The foxes at Kitsune Village are back to kill you… with more cuteness 【Video】

We’ve introduced you to the impossibly adorable wonderland of cute known as Zao Kitsune Village before, but these little guys are so darn cute we just can’t help ourselves. The zoo, located in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan has over 100 little fox fluff-balls running free through the park grounds. A walk through the Kitsune Village, with all that cute running around you, is probably akin to a walk through heaven.

And for those of you still wondering what the fox says? We have some video evidence for you to hear for yourselves!

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Some snuggly bunnies to warm your heart and soul this winter【Video】

As much as I hate being cold, I love the wintertime. There’s nothing better than coming home after being out on a blustery day to sit down under the kotatsu (those wonderful creations – low, Japanese tables fitted with a blanket and a heater underneath) and curl up with mounds of blankets and a hot cup of tea.

While rabbits can’t really curl up under a kotatsu with a cup of tea (though I’m sure they would if they were offered!), they certainly have their own way of weathering the winter chill, and these particular bunnies at a park in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture are warming the hearts of park-goers in the process.

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