Tokyo’s crazy huge sakura sweet bean bun makes Mr. Sato happier/fuller than we’ve ever seen him

SoraNews24’s crack reporter might miss all cherry blossom season with a food coma, but it’s still worth it to enjoy three kilograms (6.6 pounds) of sweets!

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Pokemon’s Eevee will visit your real-life office in Japan for best day at work ever【Pics, Vids】

Adorable guest is sure to boost Poké-productivity.

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Thousands of anime fans gather for public screenings of new Dragon Ball episode in Latin America

Fans in North, Central, and South America cheer on Goku in his latest fight, but rights holder Toei isn’t nearly as happy.
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Father of the bride gets laughs telling everyone his hard rock background, then begins to sing…

Every hard rocker needs at least one tender ballad in their repertoire.

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World’s first permanent Pokémon Cafe opens in Tokyo, and SoraNews24 is at the table!【Pics】

Pikachu Plates, Eevee Burgers, solving the mystery of what’s inside Mimikyu’s costume, and a very, very special guest.

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Amazing hologram-style Pokédex is waiting for fans to try at Tokyo’s new Pokémon megastore【Video】

Japan’s newest mecca for real-world Pokémon Trainers gives the Pokédex a jaw-dropping UI overhaul.

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Turning Tokyo techno-cool with a quick and awesome smartphone camera trick【Videos, photos】

Even SoraNews24 headquarters looks amazing when it’s recast as a virtual computer realm.

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The gorgeous portraits of these Japanese women aren’t photos or CG, so what are they?

Artist Yasutomo Oka’s mind-blowing work needs no computer trickery.

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Amazing ad from Japan stars 72 actresses each showing one year of a woman’s life in one second

Maker of Pocky reminds us that life moves fast, but it’s the slow moments that make it beautiful.

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6.6-foot-wide rideable Lapras sofa: The plushie Pokémon furniture adult fans have been hoping for

Recreate Ash’s voyage around the Orange Archipelago without ever leaving your living room.

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This detailed Gundam “sketch” is actually an unbelievably colored 3-D model kit!【Photos】

One of Japan’s most talented anime modelers continues to create works of art that look more 2-D than most actual drawings.

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Mr. Sato lives it up like a Harajuku schoolgirl, eats Japan’s longest soft serve ice cream cone

When it comes to battles against giant food, always bet on Sato.

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Anime eyes cover Tokyo’s busiest station for awesome Netflix ad【Photos】

How many of these 280 sets of anime eyes can you match with their characters?

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Japan Snow Battle Federation looking to make snowball fights Olympic event

It just isn’t winter games without a good old-fashioned snowball fight.

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Ninja to officially appear before Japanese parliament to outline goals and perform “other activities”

Japan Ninja Council sending delegation to speak, show their shinobi skills at National Diet House of Representatives session.

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Tokyo cafe offers all-you-can-eat pie, makes us wonder why we should ever eat anywhere else

Yeah, all those boutiques in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku district are nice, but this is our new favorite place in the neighborhood.

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We taste-test the new chicken nugget French fry Cup Noodle【SoraNews24 taste test】

We take a break from daydreaming about Valentine’s Day chocolate as Japan’s newest crazy comfort ramen becomes a reality.

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Experience the moment the local gods cross a frozen Lake Suwa【Video】

Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture is the scene of a curious natural phenomenon which results in ridges of ice erupting out of the frozen surface. Read More

Amazing Sailor Moon smartphone case recreates anime heroine’s transformation sequence【Video】

Clever superfan shows how you too can easily replicate the most famous scene from the most famous magical girl anime.

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Huge Final Fantasy snow sculpture creates epic dragon battle with awesome projection mapping【Vid】

Come for the fire-breathing dragon vs. Dragoon action, stay for the iconic victory fanfare.

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