This gorgeous, handmade One Piece clock light has TikTok fans putting their hands up【Video】

The clock, made by a Chinese TikTok user, lights up and contains intricate overlays of Luffy, his friends and the emblematic anime ship.

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There’s a Kingdom Hearts hotel room with a functioning Keyblade coming to Tokyo Disneyland【Pics】

Special room at Tokyo Disney Resort celebrates release of the long-awaited release of Kingdom Hearts III from video game publisher Square Enix.

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Gamer in Japan turns the PlayStation Classic into a true, and awesome, portable system

Month-long modding project lets him go back to the 32-bit past on the go.

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Nintendo’s New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe ad blends fantasy and reality, scores a 1UP

With bright aesthetics and a feel-good remix of the classic theme, this commercial will have you leaping, twirling and climbing through the levels of your daily life!

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Incredible PowerPoint recreation of Tokyo Station features over 2,000 digital objects

Anything can be a canvas, even a program meant for slideshow presentations; and this one comes to life like an anime!
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Gigantic real-life Dragon Quest video game slime to appear in Japan this Christmas

The city of Yokohama adds an awesome, eight-meter (26.3-foot) tall attraction to convince people to come down from Tokyo for the afternoon.

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Anime-style magic circles summon vocabulary for you in this language-learning app from Japan【Vid】

Free app Spell Master turns you into a linguistic sorcerer.

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Japanese Knife Man creates a gorgeous blade with UV resin that looks like slice of the ocean【Vid】

The man who can make knives out of pasta and underwear is back with his most beautiful idea yet.

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Fake idol neural network company explains its goals: “Humans and AIs creating together”

They aren’t just creating armies of fictional smiling girls for the fun of it!
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Man finds incredible “door to another world” right in the middle of Tokyo【Video】

While out for a stroll in Ginza, he found a portal that seemed to take him not just to another place, but another timetwice.

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Fried chicken-cooking robot to start working at Japanese convenience store

Forget Gundam. This is Japan’s greatest robotic feat.

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4-year old wows Twitter with perfect pixel portrayals of Pretty Cure anime magical girls

The future looks bright for this budding artist, who made over 50 of the core PreCure cast out of acrylic beads.

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Gorgeous funicular route in China is so beautiful, it looks like something out of a movie【Video】

This is one eight-minute long ride you will remember for the rest of your life.

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Fed-up Japanese city hires a hawk to chase occupying army of crows away from city hall【Videos】

Matsuyama has a difficult bird problem, but now it has an awesome bird solution.

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Autonomous AI security robot spotted patrolling Tokyo train station【Photos】

Self-controlled robo guard scans for dangerous individuals and suspicious packages, would probably look adorable with a police officer’s uniform.

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Amazing winter photos of university on Japan’s northern island make us want to go back to school

Winter comes early to Hokkaido and turns one of Japan’s most respected schools into an otherworldly wonderland.

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Japan’s upcoming full-sized MOVING Gundam statue gets a home, will debut in 2020

Full-scale anime mecha statue will move, but not in Tokyo.

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Viral net artist responsible for realistic Pokémon hired for Detective Pikachu designs【Pictures】

We thought we’d seen that Charizard somewhere before…

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Every night can be movie night at this awesome Japanese apartment building with its own theater

Stylish shared spaces let you go to the movies without leaving home.

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Plastic model fan turns to explosives to make Gundam battle scars extra-realistic【Video】

If you can’t spend hours meticulously painting the blast damage onto your figure, just wrap it in bombs.

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