85-year-old Japanese granny wows internet with amazing piano performance【Video】

She has trouble standing and taking a bow after her performance, but her hands glide like the wind across the keys.

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Japan now has a transforming giant robot/car that two full-sized adults can ride in【Video】

Anime becomes reality with help from the creator of the original Gundam, and it even has a strange, hard-to-pronounce anime mecha-style name!

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This amazing suit of samurai armor is made of five-yen coins, and you can make your own too【Pics】

Beautiful mother/son work of art meets a bittersweet end at the hands of the one enemy it can’t defeat.

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Muscle idol’s amazing Chun-Li photos shows gym is as important as sewing table for cosplay【Pics】

Hardcore cosplayers make their own costumes, and for Reika Saiki, that includes building her body to get Chun-Li’s thighs.

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Awesome cosplay tip lets you create an anime power barrier without using any CG whatsoever

Anime itself may have gone all-digital, but you can still use amazing practical effects as the finishing touch for your cosplay photos.

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Japan’s master knife maker returns with a razor-sharp blade made out of plastic wrap【Video】

Possibly the world’s first knife where the soft grip wrapping and slicing edge are made of the same thing.

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Nintendo replaces almost all of gamer’s broken 3DS, hardly charges him anything for the parts

Video game giant continues to be a customer service titan as it restores fan’s original model 3DS.

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Anime Love Live! makes good on April Fools’ promise by actually creating giant panty-clad figure

Does that make the giant inflatable schoolgirl idol an April Geniuses’ gag?
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Clever production innovation lets designers create amazingly convincing contrast between skin and other textures.

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The dramatic conclusion to the Find Seiji a Girlfriend Project【Video】

This is it. Two years after the start of the project, SoraNews24’s most consistent bachelor takes one last shot at romance as he meets Mimi.

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Samurai with jet packs have a mid-air katana battle in Japan【Video】

The air-to-air swordfights of anime and video games are now possible in the real world too.

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Salaryman with sick wife pulls no punches in verbal smackdown of boss who won’t let him go home

Think Japanese businessmen don’t care about their wives? This one does, and he’s got no time for anyone keeping him from taking care of her.

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Tokyo just got a brand-new Pokémon megastore, and here’s a massive look at its exclusive items

Ninja, sumo, and kabuki Pikachu are hiding in plain sight right next to Tokyo’s Pokémon Cafe.

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Beautiful cosplaying takoyaki chef is so talented it’s tearing eyes off her anime outfit【Video】

Blazing speed and precision of Osaka restaurant owner shows that even when she’s cosplaying, she’s still hard at work.
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Tokyo’s crazy huge sakura sweet bean bun makes Mr. Sato happier/fuller than we’ve ever seen him

SoraNews24’s crack reporter might miss all cherry blossom season with a food coma, but it’s still worth it to enjoy three kilograms (6.6 pounds) of sweets!

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Pokemon’s Eevee will visit your real-life office in Japan for best day at work ever【Pics, Vids】

Adorable guest is sure to boost Poké-productivity.

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Thousands of anime fans gather for public screenings of new Dragon Ball episode in Latin America

Fans in North, Central, and South America cheer on Goku in his latest fight, but rights holder Toei isn’t nearly as happy.
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Father of the bride gets laughs telling everyone his hard rock background, then begins to sing…

Every hard rocker needs at least one tender ballad in their repertoire.

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World’s first permanent Pokémon Cafe opens in Tokyo, and SoraNews24 is at the table!【Pics】

Pikachu Plates, Eevee Burgers, solving the mystery of what’s inside Mimikyu’s costume, and a very, very special guest.

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Amazing hologram-style Pokédex is waiting for fans to try at Tokyo’s new Pokémon megastore【Video】

Japan’s newest mecca for real-world Pokémon Trainers gives the Pokédex a jaw-dropping UI overhaul.

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