Artist dad doodles over snaps of baby boy with adorable results【Photos】

Meet Khoi, an adorable baby boy whose father, art director Quan Hoang, has a hobby of doodling over drawings of his son in a variety of whimsical styles. Under the skillful touch of daddy’s pen, little Khoi becomes anything you could imagine, from Indiana Jones to Hulk Hogan to Harry Potter, and more! Check out these super-cute pictures to see the many transformations of Khoi!

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Shark Cat entertaining Shark Baby while riding a Roomba? Why not!

While some people escape to the beach during the sweltering days of August, others jump in front of the TV to feast their eyes on all the glorious carnage that the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week has to offer. And now we can add a new form of entertainment to that summer bucket list–watching cats cosplaying as sharks.

Some of you may have already seen this video of a cat dressed in a shark costume riding a Roomba floating around the internet, but don’t let that stop you from giving it another watch!

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Move over, Psy: YouTube goes wild for dancing Korean baby 【Video】

YouTube videos that rack up millions of views tend to feature either funky music, dancing, or children or animals doing adorable things. These are the kind of links we share again and again, sending to our friends and happily watching multiple times. These two Korean babies rocking out to dance music, therefore, were always going to be the perfect mix for a YouTube hit!

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Zhongshan man makes the catch of his life: a one-year-old child

For those of you who thought phys-ed class never taught skills valuable in the real world, we bring you the story and footage of one Mr. Li of Zhongshan City, Guangdong.

Upon seeing an infant at a second-story window, the man dashed below and readied himself to make the most important catch of his life.

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The very hungry Kittypillar: Two childhood favourites combine

If you or someone you know is expecting or has just given birth to a tiny person, and you’re looking for a gift that’s both cute and a little bit quirky, we may have the perfect item for you right here: Japanese online retailer Akasugu has just announced that it is now stocking baby and maternity items featuring collaborative designs between Japan’s Hello Kitty and classic kids’ picture book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

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Hey, you! Perk up and watch this video of baby ducks on a slide

Happy beginning of the week, everyone! We know you’d rather be in bed watching YouTube videos of cats or reading some of our silly articles (maybe that’s what you’re doing at work right now), so here’s a little something to cheer you up: A video of baby ducks sliding down their own personal water slide. 

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Omiyamairi: How Japan welcomes babies into the world

In Japan, there’s a saying that goes: “Japanese people are born into Shintoism, get married as Christians and die as Buddhists.” Usually it’s meant to be a comment on Japan’s laissez-faire attitude towards religion. However, having experienced all three of these life events in Japan, it’s a surprisingly accurate aphorism.

In the case of birth, after one month it’s common practice in Japan to take the baby a Shinto shrine for its Hatsumiyamairi (literally “first shrine visit”) often shortened to Omiyamairi. Like weddings and funerals, these ceremonies can differ greatly depending on the region, so I thought I’d share my own recent experience at an Omiyamairi to shed some light on this lesser-known Japanese tradition.

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Case of the missing baby: pregnant Chinese woman has baby abducted from belly

The latest bizarre crime story to come out of China is the terrifying and sad case of a woman whose child was abducted, seemingly right out of her belly.

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Japanese woman, unaware she was pregnant, delivers baby into cesspool

Firefighters in Okayama Prefecture, Japan, responded to an emergency call yesterday claiming, “A woman gave birth into a cesspool-type toilet and the baby fell in.”  We’ve seen a similar incident play out in China about a month ago, but this case sheds light on a lesser known mental condition.

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Mom makes authentic-looking Recon Corps uniform for baby daughter, Colossal Titan mask for herself

In the world of popular manga and anime series, Attack on Titan, making it into the Recon Corps is difficult. For some it means training from a very early age. So one mother, hoping to enlist her 5-month-old daughter, has started by fashioning an authentic-looking Recon Corps uniform from scratch.

She outlined the process in a video titled: [Attack on Titan] Mother tries sewing Recon Corps uniform for daughter which has drawn over 1,800 comments on NicoNico, 1,000 of which are “kaawaaiiiiii!”

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Japanese Parent Finds Ideal Place to Hide Tissues from Baby, Earns Respect from Internet

Infants love boxes of tissue, and playing with tissue boxes can be a great way for them to develop sensory perception and fine motor skills.

However, once the necessary experience has been met, it can be hard to get them to stop pulling out every piece into a fluffy white pile on the floor. One Twitter user uploaded a photo of her solution to this problem amid cheers of “genius.”

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New Must-Have Baby Item: Diaper Sushi

It’s so hard to know what kind of gift to bring for a baby shower. You have to know what the expectant parents need, the sex of the baby, the colors they like, what other people are bringing… It can take a lot of thought. Or you can just bring them something guaranteed to be original, useful and cute: Diaper Sushi! Read More


Baby Sun Bear Can’t Quite Reach the Door Knob, Cuteness Ensues

A sun bear cub residing in Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo was videoed having a frustrating time dealing with the door to its den.  It would seem the handle to the door was juuuuust out of reach of the bemused bear cub.  Even standing on its tip-toes it can’t quite make it. Then it starts spinning around, gets dizzy and falls on its back.

Prepare to go “Awww” hard.

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The Perfect Gift for New Parents: 20-Year Birthday Card Box-Set Guaranteed to Jerk a Few Tears

In my native UK, while we’re permitted to drink, smoke, vote and watch (reasonably) naughty movies from the age of 18, our 21st birthday is still recognised as the moment when we become real adults, and are expected, as a result, to stop getting upset when Simba’s dad dies in The Lion King, and to brush our teeth a minimum of twice a day.

In Japan, a seijinshiki (coming of age ceremony) is usually held for a birthday boy or girl on their 20th birthday. They may have long since left school, found a job, started smoking and staying up later than their own parents, but until a person is 20 years old, they are not considered a true adult.

With this in mind, Japanese “Woman Smile Company” Senshukai’s “mama & baby for baby” catalogue has recently listed a new item: a special wooden box-set of 20 birthday cards that a mother (or father!) can pass over to their child upon their “coming of age”.

Already proving to be a big hit with young parents, the box-set has seen a sudden and huge increase in customer orders. Read More

Commuters, Mothers and Government Bump Heads Over Baby Buggy Posters

Japan is a country notorious for its high level of politeness.  However, deep within its tangled, serpentine train system, common courtesy is often cast aside and Thunderdome rules apply.  I’ve seen grown men push aside old ladies and old ladies push aside me in order to get the best spot.

This being the case, Tokyo Metropolitan Area’s rail companies and the city itself began to spread over 5,000 posters calling for passengers to give some leeway to women with baby carriages.  As a result, they have received over 1,000 complaints and growing.

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