Japanese beef bowl chain Matsuya now lets you exchange your rice for a salad, for free

Cut the calories and the carbs, even at a fast-food chain!

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Limited-edition vegetable snack cube dreamt up by a Japanese elementary school kid goes on sale

Coro Coro Vegetable is by kids and for kids, and it looks deliciously nutritious!

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Tired of chocolate? Try celebrating Valentine’s Day with … tofu!

Who would have thought that tofu could be a colorful and healthy option for a Valentine’s treat

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Japanese restaurant says its wonder ramen provides all the vegetables your body needs in one bowl

Oh, and it has about half the carbs of regular ramen too.

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Famous curry chain now offers Low Carb Curry, a delicious treat for the health-conscious

Ladies and gentlemen, we now have more excuses to stuff ourselves with yummy curry.

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Move over coffee! Japan’s first ever pour-over drip-dashi is a healthier, tastier option

Compared to coffee, this fine cup of vegetable and tuna dashi is cheaper and way more stylish.

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Diet donuts? Japan’s most popular donut chain releases new low-fat line, and we try them all

Mr. Donut just got even more tempting with these three healthier treats.

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Guys, listen up! The secret to being popular with women: eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Japanese commenters react to the news that eating healthy makes you smell better.

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Your guide to eating healthy sushi – because in most forms, it’s not that healthy!

But are you willing to swap your white rice for brown rice?

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“Supercute cooking” expert Yuki teaches us how to make Spirited Away’s “No-Face” yakisoba

So hungry you could devour an entire onsen resort’s worth of food? Time to make some noodles—with a twist!

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Net users recoil as McDonald’s Japan’s new “Mogumogu” chicken veggie burger hits kids’ menu

McDonald’s Japan has been kind of hit and miss with its strategies in the last couple of years. And just when they start doing a few things REALLY right (complimentary socks and free smiles!) they come up with another concoction that’s got netizens dry-heaving.

This time, the offending item is the “healthy” chicken veggie patty burger, aka the “Mogumogu Mac” (mogumogu is an onomatopoeia that means chewing), which is designed specifically for kids.

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Has a Japanese company found the fountain of youth? One man’s youthful skin suggests so

The pursuit of beauty and the relentless quest to look younger is nothing new and has probably been around since the first human looked into a pool of water and realized that the disfigured beastly thing staring back was themselves. A couple of hundred thousand years and many medical technology breakthroughs later, we are spending massive amounts of money, time and pain on that quest to look younger and more beautiful. And last week a Japanese cosmetic company made an announcement that seemed to suggest they found the fountain of youth when they took 30 years off a 67-year-old man’s skin using a breakthrough technology.

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China’s Baidu announces high-tech chopsticks that will keep you safe, skinny and healthy

Ever sit down to eat a meal and wish you knew how many calories or salt were in your food? Ever cooked a piece of meat or fish only to later wonder whether it might have gone bad? Last week, Chinese Internet giant Baidu announced that it has been working on a pair of wi-fi-enabled high-tech chopsticks that will be able to detect the nutritional makeup of the food it touches as well as warning consumers of any safety issues such as contaminants or expired food.

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Something for soy milk skeptics: cola and pear flavors

Living in Japan has done a lot to broaden my palate. For example, over the last 10 years my take on tofu has gone from “jello’s boring cousin” to “actually pretty good, especially with a little bit of sesame or spicy sauce.”

That said, I’m still not sold on soy milk. While the idea of popping open a soybean pod and finding delicious morsels of beef sounds like some sort of wonderful dreamland, the potential magic of bovine/bean cross-over doesn’t do much for me in reverse, and in general I’ll happily pass on drinkable soy.

Hoping to change my mind are two upcoming additions to soy giant Kikkoman’s line of flavored soy beverages: pear and cola.

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Subway Japan to Offer 290 Yen Bran-Tastic Breakfast Sets

Jumping into an increasingly crowded morning menu market, starting May 15, some Subway’s in Japan will start selling bran muffin sandwiches and breakfast sets for the morning crowd.

Three different types of sandwiches using healthier, high-fiber bran muffins will be offered: soft-boiled egg, tuna and mayo, and ham and cheese.

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