Last year our veteran, cat-loving reporter Hidenori Satou informed readers of our Japanese site that he was accepting applications from potential girlfriends. There was no response. Undaunted, the 38-year-old vowed that this summer he would accomplish what he had failed to the last by giving his rapidly aging appearance a makeover. These past few months Mr. Sato has tried out several hip and fresh hairstyles, and, as a result, was able to accomplish a metamorphosis that we had not thought possible. But was he able to get a girlfriend? Read More

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the longest running manga in Japan, and is well-known throughout the country for always having novel ideas and audacious stories. Now entering its eighth story arc, the manga has had more characters than you could count on your fingertips.

Regardless, one person has put 10 characters from the third arc, Stardust Crusaders, onto just that. Appearing on the left hand are: Kūjō Jōtarō, Vanilla Ice, Noriaki Kakyōin, Hol Horse, and Iggy. On the right: Joseph Joestar, DIO, Mohammed Avdol, Jean Pierre Polnareff, and Mariah.

Each nail seems to be painted delicately in full color, and the putting the cast together makes an outstanding display of nail art that any JoJo’s fan would be reluctant to remove.

Source: Twitpic (@shibupanda)

When going to get a new hair cut, some men may have trouble finding the right words to describe the kind of hairstyle they are going for, and often don’t know themselves.

One man, wondering what to do with eight years worth of hair, decided to leave his head in the hands of 10 different stylists by restricting himself to the simple phrase: “I’ll leave it to you.” Read More

Warriors, Thieves, and Weathermen: 5 Weapon Umbrellas To  Fend Off The Rain

Near the end of March it was announced that Japan had officially entered the rainy season. As the days get hotter and the showers come and go many of us tend to take refuge inside until the sun comes out to stay.

Yet there is no need to succumb to melancholy in this fickle weather! For even if you happen to get caught someday in the rain, we’ve found several umbrellas that can make the rainy season a little more fun. Read More

Some older Japanese women wear their school uniforms well after they’ve graduated high school in an attempt to make themselves look younger. After all, nothing screams youthful innocence in Japan like a sailor outfit. Eventually, however, everyone reaches an age where “youthful innocence” is better read as “pitiful desperation.”

But if you adults out there are still looking for an excuse to strut about in your old high school uniform, we have news for you: Ramen Shop Takanashi in Yokohama offers free ramen to customers over 30 who enter the shop wearing a schoolgirl outfit. Yes, even men. Read More

With another hot, humid summer approaching fast here in Japan it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing people walking along the street fanning themselves to cool off, or holding umbrellas to shade themselves from the sun—and the occasional rain. But haven’t you ever thought it incredibly inconvenient to fan yourself whilst holding an umbrella?

Apparently somebody else did, too: now, thanks to the ground-breaking ‘Fanbrella,’ you’ll now be able to stay dry and keep cool with just one hand! Read More

Chinese City Boldly Scraps National Tracksuit Unifom For Miniskirt

In our last post we wrote about China’s fascination with other country’s school uniforms and dissatisfaction their own. While Japan has the cute sailor outfit and Thailand has the sexy black miniskirt, China has to settle for 12 years of tracksuit.

However, photos showing the school uniforms used in the city of Zhuhai, posted to a Chinese image sharing site earlier this month, suggest the tracksuit may soon be on its last lap. Read More

“Something seems very very wrong”, said Mr. S. who had been shopping online frequently for 8 years. He recently found a new online clothing store, but was shocked at what he found they sold there. Read More

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