Japan 201: How to tie a kimono sash

Part of our job here at RocketNews24 is to demystify Japan. It’s not that we are trying to make it seem less special, but we would like to turn it from a land of social and cultural barriers into the participatory place our team loves and calls home.

Today we’ll be covering how to tie the sash (or obi) on a man’s yukata summer kimono. Yukata is a look you can rock at festivals, fireworks shows, or just about any entertainment venue during the warmest months of the year. Despite the tradition involved, putting on a yukata isn’t really any harder than tying a necktie (and if you haven’t mastered that yet, you really should have your dad teach you before you go off to college).

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New Sailor Moon pendants help you move one step closer to complete superheroine transformation

As part of this year’s ongoing 20th anniversary celebration of the classic anime, toy giant Bandai has recently added a few new items to its line-up of Sailor Moon-themed accessories.

Last month saw the introduction of a ring styled after the heroine’s transformation brooch, and now you can decorate your neckline as well with one of six Sailor Moon pendants.

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94% of Japanese women don’t feel confident in a bikini – How can we solve this crisis?

With Japan being an island country, even in the heat of summer most of the population thankfully isn’t that far from a beach, and there are numerous public pools that open up during the season to help people stay cool.

But while nothing beats a refreshing dip in the water, there’s also the stressful flipside of being seen in public wearing a lot less fabric than usual. In a recent Internet survey, a whopping 94 percent of Japanese women in their 20s and 30s said they don’t have enough confidence in their figure to feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit. Thankfully, they also passed along their tips for dealing with this problem.

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Little Danbo cleans up and gets a job with exclusive BEAMS collaboration figure

The popular manga character and customizable toy Danbo has finally decided to move out of his parent’s house and get a real job, after spending his angsty teen years traveling Japan in search of enlightenment.

This collaborative figure from toy maker Kaiyodo and clothier BEAMS outfits little Danbo with chic, modern-casual business attire, preparing the box boy for his new career – we’re guessing somewhere in the logistics field.

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Hot selling ‘Tattoo Stockings’ making millions of Japanese girls’ legs look hot as @#&%

The permanent kind of tattoo will get you kicked out of a lot of establishments in Japan, where inked skin evokes Yakuza traditions and images of violent biker gangs. Nevertheless, as Western culture – with its inked-up celebrities and musicians – continues its decades-long slow creep into Japan, a lot of teens and 20-somethings are longing to go under the needle without suffering discrimination.

That might explain why these stylish and novel “tattoo stockings” have been selling like sexy hotcakes since 2011 in Japan and are so far showing no signs of slowing down.

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Korean college students earn an A+ in fashion 【Photo Gallery】

For most US college students, daily fashion consists of little more than jeans and a university T-shirt or sweats. If someone’s feeling really fancy, perhaps they’ll throw on some khakis and a polo.  Only the most ambitious students will spend more than five minutes in front of the mirror before heading off to class each day. I know many students who would go in their pajamas if they could!

Over in Korea, it’s a whole different story. Korean college students have to be some of the most fashionable we’ve ever seen! One glance at the online photo gallery Campus Style icon and it’s obvious. These pictures look like they could have been taken from a top-notch fashion magazine, but apparently they’re just everyday college fashionistas going about their everyday studies! Take a look at these photos!

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Human chair offers comfort and relaxation, if it doesn’t run away from you first

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an inanimate object, ran out of Halloween costume ideas, or for some reason need to sneak unnoticed into an old folk’s home, this chair is for you.

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Hair chalk: Fun for a night and no trouble Monday morning

Friday afternoon your friend sends you a quick text asking if you want to go dancing. She tells you it will be wild and suggests getting dressed up as crazy as possible! (“But no fur suits after last week.”) Your head swirls with possibilities…but, man, wouldn’t it be great if you could dye your hair bright pink and throw in some sexy black tips? You glance at your uptight boss, prowling the halls like the most boring, fun-sucking vampire since Twilight, and sigh.

If only you had a more relaxed job. Or hair chalk!

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Warp to World 8-1 with these cool Super Mario fashion tights

More than just fleshy tones, solid colors, and basic patterns, Japan has found a major fad with women’s tights that look like tattoos featuring popular Disney characters and the like. You may have seen our article earlier this month regarding the onion tights on sale at this year’s Niconico Chokaigi. Now, tights are taking an even more nerdy turn with popular anime and game references. Just take a look at these leggy designs in the works! Read More

Japanese apparel maker brings back “Derelicte” style with Danbo cardboard box bags

Hobo-chic is back! Just when you thought Mugatu’s Derelicte style was long gone since the peak of Zoolander, here it comes again in the form of a bag that’s made to look like a shabby cardboard box.

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This Neck Cooler Does as Advertised While Also Making you Look like an Android

Have you ever wished you could somehow save your profusely sweating neck from the summer heat while also looking like a Star Trek extra?

Japanese gadget vender Thanko has your number with this USB-powered neck cooling unit that appears to have an equal chance of cooling your oddly heat-sensitive neck and making you look like a prisoner from 1980s movie The Running Man.

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84 Percent of Women Don’t Want to See Nipples at the Office, World’s Least Surprising Survey Says

With summer fast approaching and people shedding layers to stay cool, every businessman faces a decision of vast importance: what type of undershirt to wear beneath your white button-up.

Men, if you’ve never given this any thought before, consider this fair warning: A Nikka Spa! survey of 100 female office workers confirms that your choice of undershirt could have grave and far-reaching consequences and the wrong choice might even get you accused of sexual harassment.

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Fashion Friends: Twitter Proves Almost Every Japanese College Student Wears the Same Exact Outfit

Japanese college students, having apparently resigned themselves to living out the stereotype that Japan is one big, racially homogenous hive mind, seem to be foregoing their chance to really do something unique after years of mandatory school uniforms and opting to just wear whatever the guy or girl next to them is wearing.

This is resulting in some eerie Twitter photo galleries of literal rooms full of students wearing more or less the exact same outfit.

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Disconcerting news from the world of Japanese fashion: adherents to the cutesy subculture of Lolita fashion are organizing themselves into an official group. Their target: the whole world.  Read More

Change You Can’t Believe in: Japan Reacts to Obama’s Proposed New Hair Style

Unlike the more somber State of the Union Address, the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner is generally a more raucous affair; a chance for the Commander in Chief to get cozy with journalists through self-deprecating humor and celebrity guests.

This year’s dinner, which took place Saturday, was no exception, with guests from actor Kevin Spacey to Korean Gangman Style artist and noted gentleman Psy hearing President Obama make jokes at his own expense while also ribbing Republican rivals.

Oh, and he also showed guests a disturbing montage of photos featuring a new hairstyle he’s thinking of sporting for his second term…

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Tomatoes – Tokyo’s Latest Fashion Trend?

The coming of spring brings a coming change in fashion, which in turn prompts many to consider a slight change to their hairstyles. Lopping off a considerable length to go from “long” to “short”, adding a few streaks or coloring for accent, or perhaps getting a perm or wave will allow most people to achieve the look they’re after. One young Tokyo trendsetter, however, decided an extreme makeover was needed to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather and the start of the school year (April to March in Japan).

As the following picture shows she didn’t go with a garden variety cut, she went for the garden itself, turning her lovely locks into a… tomato!
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Love Cats? Then These Adorable “Cat Tights” May Be For You!

With cherry blossom season over in Tokyo, the weather here is definitely turning warm and pleasant (at least for a little while, until the rainy season starts and then the hot and humid summer). Women across Japan are eagerly shedding their coats to enjoy colorful, spring fashion, and to our delight, one of our reporters at Pouch has found the purr-fect item to combine fashion and fun — “cat tights”! Read More

Fake Knee-High Stockings Enrage Men of the Internet

A storm of boos has flooded Japanese forums in response to the invention of fake knee-high stockings. This piece of clothing makes a woman appear to be wearing long socks when she is actually wearing fully sealed tights. As a product, fake knee-high stockings greatly help women to comfortably achieve a cute look. But for some men, the lost opportunity to catch a glimpse of an exposed leg that is brought on by these full-coverage stockings is too much to handle.

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Is That Sushi in Your Ear or are You Just Wearing “Crazy Headphones”?

Gadgets purveyor Apparestore is hoping that pretending your ears are so unclean that fungus has actually started to grow out of them will become the new fashion trend with these “crazy headphones” featuring weird objects that jut out from the earbuds. Samurai swords and sushi are just some of the things you could have seemingly growing out of your ears with a pair of these cheeky earphones.

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New Reports Show Going Without a Bra Actually Good for Women, Men Everywhere Rejoice

The old wisdom that going without a bra too often would cause a woman’s bazongas to stretch out and droop like a pair of baseballs in training socks is going out the window thanks to a series of recent reports to the contrary, and Japanese women are apparently responding by going out in public unsupported in record numbers.

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