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Last Samurai star Ken Watanabe cooks with daughter Anne in viral YouTube video

Once-strained relationship looks very different now, as Anne starts a new life overseas. 

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Transparent soy sauce is a thing — we saw it, we tried it, we’re confused by it

Our resident soy sauce fanatic gives it a try and breaks her brain in the process.

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We create a Japanese izakaya pub at home with an amazing all-in-one kitchen gadget

Join us for a Japanese-style pub meal at our place, complete with hot sake and snacks that are super easy to make!

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Mikan Gohan: Japanese soul food or…Japanese myth?

An odd local specialty that’s surprised the nation. 

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We tried cocoa soy-sauce paste and opened up a whole new world of possibilities【Taste test】

You might not like it right away, but you’ll definitely be hooked.

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Learn how to cook staple Japanese dishes with actor Hiro Mizushima【Videos】

Interested in Japanese home cooking? Then why not learn together with Japanese actor and media personality Hiro Mizushima!

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Learn to make realistic-looking, edible insects with these cool tutorials【Videos】

Here are some creepy crawlies we wouldn’t mind coming across in our kitchen.
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How to make okonomiyaki at home【SoraKitchen】

Okonomiyaki is one of the most popular foods cooked at home in Japan. One of Japan’s Top 10 Comfort Foods, the dish is fun to make with family or friends and best of all, it’s easy! Okonomiyaki is also popular with foreigners who when visiting Japan can sample the dish at any of the myriad specialty restaurants dedicated to this vegetable-rich meal.

So, what exactly is okonomiyaki? And how do you make it? Glad you asked!

Read on to find out more about this simple dish: watch a how-to video showing you how to make it, check out photos that show you some unusual ingredients, and get inside tips from Kazuko who regularly makes the dish for her seven grandchildren.

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Monjayaki, the popular Tokyo dish you’ve probably never heard of 【RocketKitchen】

When people think of Japanese food, most think of sushi, sashimi or even some of the more popular Japanese comfort foods like okonomiyaki or udon noodles. If you’re a tourist, however, you’ve likely never experienced one of Tokyo’s most popular dishes: monjayaki. But don’t feel bad; even some Japanese people who don’t live in the Tokyo metropolitan area (75 percent of the population) have never tasted it. This is one reason why Tsukishima Monjadori, a street with over 100 monjayaki restaurants, ranks in the top five sight-seeing spots in the capital for Japanese tourists (FYI, the other four are Harajuku, Tokyo Disneyland, Odaiba and Tusukiji Fish Market).

Monjayaki is simple but complicated: it has just a few easy ingredients and can be made in under three minutes yet it requires instructions to make, and even eat, properly. It helps to know, for example, that monja is not usually eaten with chopsticks, and that there’s a good reason why.

Read on to learn more about this unexpectedly delicious fare: watch a how-to video showing you how to make it, check out photos that show you how to eat it, and get tips from a master monjayaki chef.

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