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New contraption from Japan lets you cook paper-thin egg omelets in your microwave

Use it to make crepes, rice omelets, or decorations for your bento lunchbox!

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Will it waffle? We put various Japanese snacks through a waffle iron, just because【SoraKitchen】

Is there any food that can’t be improved by turning it into a waffle?

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We tried cooking with a personal fryer and now we’re obsessed

Who needs Burger King when you can make it and have it your own way?

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BonAppetour startup lets you cook and dine with Tokyo locals in their homes

We visited Mariko’s home near Shinjuku for a variety of unique cultural experiences, including a lesson in making gyoza and a homemade feast complete with sake and shochu.

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10 Japanese foods you can make at home!

If you’ve noticed, many of our writers here at Rocketnews24 have crossed the seas to make Japan their second home. Sure, we love the local flavor, but sometimes we just crave a solid meal that smells of our hometown. The same goes for Japanese nationals living abroad.

Even though Japanese cuisine has more or less infiltrated most of the major cities worldwide, domestic foodstuffs and condiments still remain mostly inaccessible and rare in most countries. Japanese blogger Madame Riri shares a list of 10 Japanese foods that can be made at home, no matter where that may be! We’d like to call it the lifesaver list for Japanese abroad, or the inspiration list for non-Japanese who would love an authentic taste of Japan in their own kitchen!

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Let’s try a Japanese Home Cooked Meal…in a Sandwich!

Have you ever had a bowl of rice and wondered what to eat with it? Have you ever had two slices of plain bread and wished for a new and exciting sandwich idea? Well, yearn no longer, folks! We have a quick and tasty 2-in-1 Japanese recipe that will see you through dinner and leave you with a delicious, packed sandwich lunch the next day!

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