Japanese melon butter, where have you been all our lives? 【Taste Test】

Melon butter is here to make everything better. 

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Japanese makers of Tropicana fined 19 million yen for “100% Melon” juice with only 2% melon juice

Accountability never tasted so sweet.

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Surprisingly strong Hokkaido woman arrested for poking holes in 13 expensive melons with finger

“You’re already unsellable.”

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McDonald’s Japan tempts and pressures us with limited-time Hokkaido Melon shakes

We’re getting the shakes just thinking about these delicious-sounding McShakes.

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Hello Kitty melons currently ripening up for summer’s cute fruit harvest

Japan’s favourite cat is bringing cute back to melons this year — but how much will they cost?

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Unlike Japan’s other expensive melons, you can use this cast-iron one to brew tea

You may have heard horror stories about melons in Japan costing 10,000 yen (US $99), but they’re really more the exception than the rule. For their personal use, most people usually choose much cheaper varieties, and the premium stuff only gets purchased as a gift to be given on special occasions.

The price those 10,000-yen melons command has as much to do with their airbrushed centerfold-like unblemished looks as it does their flavor. Sometimes, it feels like a waste to cut them open to get to the edible parts inside, almost as though you’re destroying a piece of art that just happens to look like fruit.

Maybe that’s why someone made just that, with this melon-shaped tea pot.

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