Shinjuku Station

Shitty Shinjuku – 30-meter streak of human turd spotted in Tokyo’s busiest train station

Once again, human feces deliver a smelly shock to rail travelers.

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Tokyo’s busiest train station partially evacuated as passageways, platforms fill with smoke【Video】

Startling scene unfolds at Shinjuku Station.

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Early otaku gets the worm! Idol anime fans pluck Tokyo ad freebies before most people start work

The Idolmaster compels otaku and gamers to get to Shinjuku Station at the crack of dawn for some cool free merch.

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Navigate your way through Japan’s busiest train stations with Google Street View

Come with us as we take you through some of the interesting things you can discover inside one of the country’s most historic stations and the busiest train station in the world.

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Send a free drink to a friend with Japan’s newest coinless vending machines【Video】

We try out the new system at a high-tech digital vending machine in Tokyo.

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Gorgeous Kingdom Hearts stained glass clock installed in Tokyo for game series’ 15th anniversary

It’s time to go to Shinjuku Station.

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Japanese Idolmaster anime girls take over Shinjuku Station in Tokyo

Shinjuku Station has been transformed for a limited time with anime girls on pylons and stages and huge animated digital LED displays!

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Special slime kiosk at Shinjuku Station is ready to give your phone all the HP it needs

Battery drained from playing too much Pokémon GO on the train? Don’t worry, there’s a Slime for that.

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Every Yu-Gi-Oh! card ever, all in one place at awesome Tokyo train station display 【Photos】

Duelists and anime fans drawn to the sight of 7,000-plus gleaming, mint-condition collectible cards from the hit franchise.

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Tokyo Dragon Quest ad made entirely with Lego lets commuters remove blocks to defeat the bad guys

Now you can be a hero, one brick at a time!

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Public reacts in horror as poster in Shinjuku Station threatens even more exits

“East exit, West exit, South exit, new South exit…The number of exits is the number of possibilities.”

They might seem like uplifting words at first glance, but panic erupted in Tokyo this week as the above poster was hung in the world’s busiest train station, Shinjuku, hinting at the imminent addition of yet more exits. Could it really be that the station residents of Japan’s capital city have playfully dubbed “the dungeon” may be about to get even more complicated?

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Wall of bubble-wrap Blue Slimes appears in Shinjuku Station to promote new Dragon Quest game

Nothing says Dragon Quest like its adorable mascot, the smiling, teardrop-shaped slime. With appearances in almost every Dragon Quest title, a slew of associated merchandise, and even its own video game, the series’s blue slime is instantly recognizable to many fans around the world.

And until March 1, not one, not two, but 100,000 of these blue critters will line one wall of Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station in the form of a massive bubble wrap sheet. Now it’s up to the passersby to pop each slime into oblivion and become the heroes they were born to be.

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