voice actresses

Japanese idols cut to the chase, charge fans 10,000 yen to talk to them for three minutes

Critics like to say singing talent isn’t necessary to succeed as an idol singer, but conversational skills are turning out to be very useful for these two groups.

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Do Japanese men like it when real women speak in anime-style voices? Survey investigates

Japan’s anime voice actresses are more popular than ever, but does that style of speaking have the same appeal in actual conversation?

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Can anime voice actresses magically fly? Strange photo seems to suggest this one can

Haruka Yoshimura’s latest role is in a series about mahjong, but this snapshot makes the actress appear far from mundane.

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Korean voice actress loses job after tweeting picture of herself wearing feminist T-shirt

South Korea acting a little like its neighbor to the north.

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New book compiles taste tests of shampoos used by 30 of Japan’s top anime voice actresses

That way you can skip straight to pounding shots of the shampoo you’ll like best.

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