SoraNews24 is a Tokyo-based news site. In 2008, our sister site, RocketNews24 published its first Japanese-language article, and two years later came the start of our English site, which originally existed exclusively to translate articles from our Japanese colleagues. Over time we’ve expanded the amount of English-language content we produce while maintaining a focus on fun, weird, and intriguing news from Asia, particularly Japan.

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Let’s say that you need to write something down, but the only pen you could find doesn’t work. All too often this is the case. However, there is a a trick to bringing the pen back to life that may be useful to try: Read More

Undoubtedly, the most anticipated feature of the Nintendo 3DS is…well, the stereoscopic 3D! No longer oppressed by plastic glasses, the common man is now free to enjoy three-dimensional vision with his naked eye.

Yet, while the 3D may be the main appeal of Nintendo’s new handheld, there is another feature we think should stoke your fire: the Augmented Reality (AR) function. The 3DS includes six specially designed paper cards, five of which bear well-known Nintendo characters. Thanks to the rear-facing cameras and a bit of magic, viewing one of these cards through your 3DS screen causes the respective character to appear in 3D space. Read More

McDonald’s China Price Costs Leaked, French Fries 17¢

It can be said that the McDonald’s Dollar Menu is a true testament to the fruits of modern civilization. When we live in an era where an individual can purchase a McChicken, Small Fries and Hot Fudge Sundae for the price of one United States dollar a piece, it’s difficult to imagine how much further mankind can really progress. Some of us may even think, ‘At such low prices, how can McDonald’s even turn a profit? Surely they must be sacrificing themselves for the greater good of everyday values!’ Read More

A Tale of Japanese Customer Service

The following is a translation of an article written by one of our Japanese coworkers:

I am crazy about Calbee Lightly Salted Potato Chips. I find their balance of saltiness and crispy texture to be really addictive. Some of my friends are fans of other chip brands, but I have stuck to Calbee’s for quite a long time.

But the other day, I was enjoying a bag of chips when I happened to feel something like a hair in my mouth. I spat it out and saw something that looked like a thread attached to a chip. There was little doubt that what I saw was an accidental artifact of the production process.

It wasn’t a big deal to me at the time, but after a little while I began to wonder what would happen if I called Calbee’s Customer Service number. I was overtaken by simple curiosity and called the number printed on the back of a nearby bag. What happened next, I could never have expected…

Read More

In Japan, the act of sitting in a car’s side window so that the upper body is exposed outside is called “Hakonori”. It’s popular with Japanese vehicle gangs (known as “Bosozuku”). It’s also highly illegal in Japan. Read More

Possibly the most internationally famous food of Japanese cuisine is sushi. In Japan, sushi is so popular that there is a huge variety in the way it is served.

Cheaply priced moving-sushi-boat style (called “kaiten sushi” in Japanese), more moderately-priced deli-style packed sushi, and expensive “omakase”-style (literally, the sushi chef picks the cuts for you) at a sushi counter are just a few of the wide variety of styles of serving sushi in Japan. Read More

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