Ito En

Tea with free Pokémon bottle covers at Japanese convenience stores charm, then break, our hearts

Everyone caught ‘em all.

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We enter a mixed martial arts tournament held by tea maker Ito En

Live by the tea, die by the tea.

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Japanese green tea vending machine has a puppet show that tells the story behind the drink

The Oi Ocha Karakuri machine is something you have to see to believe.

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Can you put Japan’s hot bottled tea/coffee in the microwave? Only if you see this special notice

Almost all drink makers caution against it, but one says it’s safe as long as you follow some special rules.

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Pikachu, I choose you… to take over vending machines in Japan!【Video】

This year’s Pikachu Outbreak is extending its awesomeness to vending machines nationwide!

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Japan’s Oi Ocha green tea keeps going upscale with new bottled matcha costing 1,000 yen a bottle

Third premium offering in line of matcha is set to please the palate while hurting the wallet.

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Drink Green! We check out the amazing “Green Tea Party” presented by Isetan and Ito En! 【Pics】

Green tea has always been a popular drink in Japan and is widely consumed here even in plastic bottles. Visitors to Japan are sure to have seen a variety of green tea drinks at convenience stores or vending machines, including those from major tea and beverage maker Ito En.

Now, Ito En and department store Isetan have teamed up to put on a delightful promotional event which they’re calling the “Green Tea Party“, and the event is exactly that – one big tea party, where you can have so many different types of green tea and tea-based beverage creations that you’ll feel like you stepped into a wonderland of Japanese tea. Naturally, we weren’t about to stay away from a good tea party, so we made our way to the branch of Isetan in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood.  Let’s take a look at what we saw and tasted at the event, shall we?

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Japan’s finest green tea, now available in bottled form at an eye-popping price

Japan may have invented the tea ceremony, but that doesn’t mean that every occasion to drink the beverage is considered a solemn cultural experience. Modern residents of Japan don’t generally have the time for a highly ritualized brewing and sipping of a cup of tea, and are instead far more likely to satisfy their cravings with an inexpensive bottle of green tea bought from a vending machine or convenience store.

But swinging the pendulum back the other way is beverage company Ito En, which is releasing a super-premium bottled green tea made with Japan’s highest quality leaves, and an eye-popping price to match.

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