How to have a great meal at conveyer belt sushi chain Kura Sushi even if you hate raw fish

There’s something for everyone at one of the world’s most popular sushi chains.

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Should you turn your bowl upside down after eating at a Japanese restaurant?

Japan’s etiquette police weigh in on an unusual trend spotted amongst diners.

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Mr. Sato attacks a massive castle of seafood at a new restaurant in Tokyo Skytree’s Solamachi

This particular dish with a really, really long name is a veritable gastronomic fortress waiting to be conquered. 

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Katsu isn’t curry! Four kinds of katsu, and three delicious ways to eat them【Video】

Embassy of Japan in the U.K. posts video explaining what katsu is and isn’t, and we delve into the non-pork varieties.

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Our reporter investigates the strangely named “shaved ice donburi” at a Tokyo cafe

“Donburi” usually refers to dishes eaten over a bowl of rice, so how could this concept possibly work?

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This is Japan’s oldest oyakodon chicken-and-egg rice bowl restaurant, and it’s awesome

The birthplace of one of Japan’s favorite lunches is still in business in Tokyo after more than 200 years.

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We ate a pickled tapioca bubble rice bowl and it was un-bowl-lievable

If you think these are ikura fish eggs, you’re wrong! Read More

Japanese beef bowl chain Yoshinoya releases new canned, ready-to-eat rice bowls 【Taste Test】

We try the full selection of emergency pork, beef, chicken and mackerel rice bowls.

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Japan’s beef bowl king, Yoshinoya, releases new line of canned, ready-to-eat beef bowls

Or maybe we should call them “beef cans?” Either way, these things will be literal life-savers.

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Crazy Tokyo restaurant offers a 7.3-pound tempura rice bowl, so of course we had to eat it!

Can’t decide between tempura and pork cutlet? This restaurant lets you have both in ridiculously large quantities.

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Brand-new salmon sashimi bowl joint in Tokyo’s Harajuku is perfect for hungry fashion fans, bears

Restaurants that specialize in salmon sashimi are few and far between in Japan, but now there’s one right in the center of Tokyo.

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Rice bowl with a mountain of roast beef served in Tokyo bistro

Good roast beef is a little hard to come by in Japan, and now we know why: This place is using it all themselves.

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Win your very own ramen-bowl chair and spice up your cooking with the help of some dashing men

With the slogan “Delicious ramen is in your house,” Toyo Suisan Kaisha, Ltd., the Japanese company best known for producing the Maruchan brand of ramen noodles, announced the second round of their ongoing ramen campaign on November 5, which will culminate in one lucky person winning a super stylish, one-of-a-kind, ramen donburi [porcelain bowl] chair. 

As if the thought of owning your very own ramen-bowl chair wasn’t exciting enough, the campaign also comes complete with four handsome characters ready to teach you all the secrets behind cooking a perfect bowl of ramen!

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