Japanese thrill-seekers zip through the air after flying down 60-metre long slide in the rain

The slide is more like a catapult, sending daredevils hurtling through the air and along the ground in full force.

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In a stroke of genius, Mr. Sato comes up with the best umbrella idea ever! Kind of…【Video】

“Look, mom, no hands!”

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Typhoon turns Tokyo motorist’s drive home into crazy aquatic voyage in flooded tunnel 【Video】

Out for a cruise, in more ways than one.

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Lightning storms pound east Japan, turn Kawasaki into a giant rain puddle【Photos】

Mother Nature gave the Tokyo-area a dynamic wakeup call this morning.

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Frightening video shows how quickly Korean university’s library flooded in fierce storm 【Video】

Downpour turns room into pond in less than two minutes.

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Storm floods Korean university’s library in dramatic style 【Photos】

Trading a library for a canoe course wouldn’t be an entirely bad deal.

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What is Teru Teru Bozu? The tragic history behind the Japanese fine weather doll

While many believe the tradition of making the ghost-like doll can be traced back to a bald-headed monk, history suggests it actually began with a small girl.

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Japanese association loses faith in users following non-return of 1,100 free loan umbrellas

Loan services could be set to disappear with organisations now running dangerously low on stock.

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Hydrophobic umbrellas are here to prevent sogginess during Japan’s infamous rainy season

If only umbrellas were even MORE waterproof! Oh wait, now they are.

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Crazy rains in China flood public bus interior, but passengers hardly seem to mind 【Video & pics】

Eh, beats walking/swimming, right?

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Why does McDonald’s Japan sell more Filet-O-Fish when it rains?

For some reason, when it’s raining cats and dogs, McDonald’s customers in Japan seem to start craving fish.

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Man demonstrates why Japanese people often carry umbrellas: they make awesome weapons!【Video】

It’s true. All Japanese people are secretly ninjas.

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Umbrella decides it’s had enough of the rain, flies off handle【Video】

We’ve all experienced this frustrating situation–it’s a rainy day, and as if to add insult to injury, your umbrella suddenly decides to break in what has to be an act of sheer defiance against you.

Net users sympathized with the following clip posted by one such unlucky soul. It certainly looks like the umbrella is doing nothing but mocking him, since it only decides to open after flying clean off the handle!

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Japan’s magic umbrellas reveal cute patterns in the rain

September in Japan is the bridge between summer and autumn, with warm humid days mixed in with cool nights and passing typhoons dumping some of the year’s highest amounts of rainfall around the country.

With the rain set to continue, umbrella sales are in full swing at the moment, and some of the best ones here are simply magic. They won’t send you flying through the air like Mary Poppins, but they will reveal hidden secrets when the rain begins to fall!

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Crazy crooner crashes Tokyo typhoon report with his passionate ballad and guitar-playing 【Video】

Japan has spent just about all week getting drenched by a pair of typhoons that have decided to leisurely make their way across the country’s skies. Thankfully, there hasn’t been any significant damage in the Tokyo area, but whenever there’s heavy rainfall, you can expect local news outlets to send a camera crew to check on conditions at one of the capital’s major rail hubs.

Last night, a team sent to Shinjuku Station brought back footage of all the things viewers have come to expect from such reports. The camera’s lens capturing soaked commuters caught without an umbrella and concerned travelers watching the display boards for word about whether their train lines were still running…oh, and also a crazed, sunglass-wearing guitarist who insisted on being heard and in-frame.

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Chinese university students brave any weather for mandatory military training exercises

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the freshmen are…not snoring?

“A little rain never hurt anyone” should be the unofficial motto of these first-year university students in China who recently participated in mandatory military training exercises. The folks over at Shanghaiist shared the following photos of students braving the elements as they marched in sync under brightly colored umbrellas. Need a little motivation to get going the next time it rains? Just be thankful you’re not one of them!

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10 Twitter users in Tokyo who know how to make the best of a bad situation

At around 6:15 p.m. on Monday, August 12, the Tokyo skies were ripped apart by streaks of lightning, and rain the like of which few urbanites have ever seen flooded the streets. Umbrellas were abandoned, taxis pulled over to the side of the road, and crowds of commuters–many having only just finished work and anxious to get home after yet another swelteringly hot day–ducked and winced with each clap of thunder above their heads. Unable to go any further, many sought refuge in shops and cafes, while those who made it to their respective stations were met with bad news: the trains had ground to a halt. Instead of being well on their way to a shower, clean, dry clothes and maybe a meal with their families, Tokyo office workers were packed into stations, hot, dripping with rainwater and sweat, and becoming increasingly irritable.

But then there were the heroes. The everyday men and women who, refusing to be beaten, said “Screw this!” and went for ice cream. And cake and beer and a whole lot of other good food while they waited for the rain to stop and normal service to resume. These are the people we salute today.

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From cabbages to katanas – five awesome umbrellas from Japan!

Most people prefer to open their curtains in the morning to find bright, clear skies waiting for them, but with the arrival of the rainy season (known as 梅雨 tsuyu, and written with the characters for “plum” and “rain”) here in Japan we‘ve got a long stretch of wet weather ahead. If that has you down, perhaps channeling your inner superhero when you wake up in the morning and stepping out with this ninja sword umbrella will brighten your day. And if fantasizing about slashing enemy combatants isn’t your thing, maybe the romaine lettuce-inspired Vegetabrella from Tokyo Noble is what you need to put a smile on your face.

Take a look at these five rainy day inspirations helping ensure Japan stays dry during drizzling days of June.

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